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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 11, #6

Winter Edition - November 11, 2009

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Registration Information

Registration for winter starts next week

Priority registration for winter term starts November 15. View the Priority Registration Schedule to find the date when you can register.

Winter term online courses start January 4, 2010.

View online Bacc Core courses for winter term.

Also, you can order your textbooks early from the OSU Bookstore to ensure you receive them before the term starts.

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New Courses and Program Highlights

New online bachelor's degree in Women Studies

Woman with laptop

In cooperation with the Department of Women Studies, Ecampus is excited to announce that a new online bachelor’s degree (B.A./B.S.), minor and undergraduate certificate are now available. Founded in 1972, the Women Studies Program at OSU is a multidisciplinary study of women's lives and experiences, including the understanding of sexist discrimination in society and a need to celebrate women's strengths, contributions and forms of resistance. Learn more...

New! Nou! Nuevo! Nuovo! Новый!


Language series

LING 111
SPAN 112, SPAN 212
IT 112, IT 212
RUS 112, RUS 212

Ecampus is pleased to offer a number of new language courses for winter term. First-Year Catalan debuts as LING 111. Professor David Prats states that Catalan is a Romance language and is spoken by around 12 million people in Spain, France and Sardinia. He also says, “In this course you will learn the basics to understand, read, and speak Catalan."

We have also expanded our current language courses to include the second term of first-year and second-year Spanish, Italian and Russian. The final term of first- and second-year languages are being developed to be offered spring term.

Want to start a language series, but didn’t sign up for any courses fall term? Check out Spanish, Arabic, or German offered every term: SPAN 111/211, ARAB 111/211, GER 111/211.

Keep in mind that the French language series FR 111/211 starts every fall term.

Create your own sampling study

Field sampling

FW 255

Work in your own environment. Students who enroll in FW 255 Field Sampling of Fish and Wildlife will learn the concepts of field sampling design, data management, and science communication regardless of where they live. Instructor Dana Sanchez says students taking her course will gain valuable experience completing field work of their own design. This design experience is normally not available until graduate school.

A fall term student told us, "What I also like about this class is that I feel like I am getting a feel for what a scientist actually does. You get to go outside and observe and formulate hypothesis. It involves the other senses often left out when learning."

Interested in this course, but not currently a Fisheries and Wildlife major? This course is restricted to Fisheries and Wildlife students this winter term, however FW 255 will be open to all students spring term 2010.

Criminal minds


SOC 441/541

SOC 441 Criminology and Penology focuses on North America and covers topics such as capital punishment, crime policy and serial homicide. This course reviews sociological perspectives on crime and criminal justice. Also discussed are the differences in crime based on race, class, sex and age. This course is also offered at the graduate level as SOC 541.

World views throughout time on agriculture and the natural world


CSS 340

Instructors Kimberly Hannaway and Dr. Browne have labored to bring to you CSS 340 Pens and Plows: Writings of Working the Land. This three-credit Baccalaureate Core course will give students the opportunity to evaluate society’s view of agriculture and the natural world based on writings from ancient times to modern day. Kimberly says, “Students will learn to be more critical of practices presented in literature and better able to question and analyze the publications distributed currently on recycling, global warming, and the sustainability of the earthly resources."

Home on the range

RangelandsRNG 341

Rangelands are one of the most prevalent land types in the world, covering about 45% of the continental Earth. Students of RNG 341 Rangeland Ecology and Management will learn ecology-based rangeland management practices including topics in soil, water, fish/wildlife, timber, recreation and grazing. Students will learn to view rangelands at a variety of levels, including how to use relationships between organisms, populations, communities and ecosystems to manage correctly and effectively.

Understand what health professionals are saying

StethoscopePHAR 210

PHAR 210 Terminology of Health Sciences is a course not only for pharmacy students, but also intended for health pre-professional students of all types including physical therapy, dentistry, medicine, nursing, etc. Instructor Theresa Filtz suggests students approach terminology the same as they would a foreign language. There are many tools available on Blackboard to help students learn such as flashcards, memory games and audio pronunciation. Theresa also says that the online material provided by the workbook publisher makes this course fun.

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