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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 12, #1

Spring Edition - February 17, 2010

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Priority registration: February 21
Open registration: March 15 - April 4
Term begins: March 29

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New Courses and Program Highlights

Families and poverty


HDFS 447

What is poverty? Why are people poor? These questions will be addressed during this course, which focuses on the causes and consequences of family poverty, including global economic factors, migration patterns, discrimination, and policies and programs for families.

Course description and syllabus

History of psychotherapy

PsychotherapyHSTS 440/HSTS 540

Psychotherapy is a cultural and medical practice that excites almost every emotional response except indifference. Some people swear it has saved their lives; others believe it is dangerous, fraudulent, or simply ridiculous. What is this practice, and where has it come from in the history of Western cultures?

According to instructor Mina Carson, this course will inform and challenge undergraduate or graduate students intending to train as psychotherapists, social workers, public health or medical professionals.

Course description and syllabus

Introduction to Czech

CzechLING 111

Whether you have plans to travel to the Czech Republic or are just curious about the country’s culture, language and people, this course is for you. Learn basic Czech vocabulary, grammar and phrases and enjoy some Czech media, music and films.

Also check out Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other Linguistics courses being offered this spring.

Introduction to religious studies

Woman meditating

PHL 202

Instructor David Scott Arnold expresses that "this course will explore ways of connecting the sacred and the profane, myth and history, then and now, brokenness and wholeness, wasteland and paradise, despair and hope, time and timelessness, and us with each other.”

Course description and syllabus


Rings in sky

PSY 437/PSY 537

John Marshall Reeve, author of the required course text Understanding Motivation and Emotion, gives two reasons why someone would want to study motivation and emotion – it’s an interesting thing to do and there are few topics more useful to our lives. Are you motivated?

Course description and syllabus

Planning agroforestry projects

Outdoor classroomSNR 532

This course, which explores the various agroforestry concepts, systems, technologies and practices used world wide, is part of the 18-credit Sustainable Natural Resources (SNR) Graduate Certificate .

“The SNR program provides a comprehensive perspective merging the social and economic concerns with ecology,” recent graduate Todd Barker said. “The knowledge I’ve gained has given me an edge in my role as a consultant.”

Course description and syllabus

More courses!

There is a plethora of courses being offered online through Ecampus this spring. Here are a few more to check out:

ART 207 Indigenous Art of the Americas
DHE 121 Computer Design for Apparel
FOR 493 Environmental Interpretation
OC 103 Exploring the Deep: Geography of the Worlds Oceans

WR 224 Introduction to Fiction Writing
WS 235 Global Women in the Movies

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Coming this summer

Girl studying

Pre-law Summer Series

The Pre-law Summer Series, offered in partnership with the departments of Political Science, Philosophy and English, will help you determine whether a career in the legal field is the right one for you before incurring the expense of the application process or a year or two in law school. This nine-week series of four courses, three of which are online, provides students with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully apply to and graduate from law school.

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