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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 12, #4

Fall Edition - August 18, 2010

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Important dates and announcements

Registration information

Fall 2010
Term begins: September 27
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Winter 2011
Registration begins: November 14
Term begins: January 3
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New degree programs launched fall term

New online B.A./B.S. in Economics now available!

CoinsAccording to OSU economics professor Patrick Emerson, “An economics degree is one of the most versatile and useful degrees a student can get.  It provides a student with a set of marketable quantitative and analytical skills that are in demand in a wide array of occupations.”

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New online graduate certificate in Management for Science Professionals

Test tubesOur new 18-credit graduate certificate is ideal for anyone in a science-related field interested in advancing into a managerial position.

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New courses and program highlights

Several new Horticulture courses begin fall term

HorticultureOur new online bachelor's in Horticulture has resulted in a variety of newly developed courses that fit into this degree program, or which can be taken as electives:

  • HORT 112: Introduction to Horticulture Systems, Practices and Careers (2)
  • HORT 226: Landscape Plant Materials (3)
  • HORT 314: Principles of Turfgrass Maintenance (4)
  • HORT 316: Plant Nutrition (4)

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Course variety abounds in new online bachelor's degree in Women Studies


Did you know that you can now get an online bachelor's degree (B.A./B.S.) in Women Studies through OSU Extended Campus?

The following courses are new for fall term and fit into the Women Studies degree program or can be taken as electives:

  • WS 465: Women, Weight & Body Image (3)
  • WS 540: Women & Natural Resources (3)

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New Fisheries and Wildlife courses begin fall term

Fisheries & Wildlife

  • FW 107: Orientation to Fisheries and Wildlife (1)
  • FW 439: Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Management (3)
  • FW 458/558: Mammal Conservation and Management (4)

These courses fit into the Fisheries and Wildlife degree offered through Ecampus.

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Time Travelers: An Introduction to Modern Archaeology


ANTH 230

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? This course will introduce you to the historical development of modern archaeology. The nature of archaeological theory, data, modern field methods, and analytical techniques will be reviewed in order to elucidate how the unwritten record of human cultural behavior is deciphered.

This course fits into the Anthropology degree offered through Ecampus.

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The Political Bible: Literary Approaches to Scriptural Power

BibleENG 399

According to the instructor, Gilad Elbom, "This class will focus on some of the ways in which the Bible establishes human authority. We will read some famous biblical stories in which God plays a supporting role, maintaining a presence in the background, while the action revolves around power relations between men and women, kings and subjects, prophets and disciples, writers and readers."

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Looking for more fall courses?

Whether you need a Bacc Core course or interesting elective, Ecampus has over 45 new or recently updated online courses to choose from this fall.

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