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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 13, #3

Summer Edition - April 20, 2011

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Important dates and announcements

Registration Information

Summer 2011
Registration is now open
Term begins: June 20
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Fall 2011
Registration begins: May 15
Term begins: September 26
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New degree programs

New online B.A./B.S. in sociologyGroup of hands

Why sociology? Sociology is an exciting discipline that explores the study of human society, social forces and social interaction. Sociology fits comfortably into the missions of a liberal arts or natural resources education because it focuses on how human values and community are shaped by class, gender and ethnic differences, as well as more abstract social forces such as modernization and globalization.

"Sociologists focus much of their attention on social change and opportunity. Higher education is rapidly changing and we are committed to increasing student opportunities through Ecampus," said Mark Edwards, sociology professor.

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New courses and program highlights

Understand the role of gender in law Judge

Throughout the course, students read scholarly studies as well as case law to gain a broad perspective on the past and current law, and its implications for the treatment and position of women within our society. Thus, this course satisfies the Difference, Power and Discrimination requirement. The course begins with an introductory section that deals with policy and politics on women's issues. A second section focuses on constitutional principles of equality. The remainder of the course examines several specific categories of law affecting women and men such as education, employment, family, abortion and parental rights.

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Inventing ethnic AmericaBabies

What does inventing ethnic America mean? What has history to do with the current social, political and economic implications tied to one's racial and ethnic identity? How are racial and ethnic identities tied to the experience of citizenship in the USA? How does science impact race and ethnicity? Students will study the impact of ideologies associated with race and ethnicity on the US society, through history to the present, at the individual and systemic levels, i.e., law and criminal justice.

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Considering law school?Court room

Have you seen every season of "Law & Order"? Is your bookcase stacked with John Grisham novels? Do you religiously follow any Supreme Court nomination news coverage? Chances are you really dig the legal profession. Fulfill your dream of becoming a lawyer by taking a set of online courses this summer designed to prep you for law school. The four courses are provided in partnership with the departments of political science, philosophy and English and offered online through OSU Ecampus.

The pre-law online series helps you determine if the law field is an appropriate career path for you, what skills you need to excel in the admissions process for law school, and how you can improve your writing skills. In addition, you will receive individual pre-law advising and learn to navigate the legal system before attending law school.

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Grow your own organic garden!tomato garden

HORT 260 - Organic Farming and Gardening

This class provides several applied projects for learners to use a wide range of research-based information to instigate year-round vegetable gardening, orchard management and small fruit management. It also includes an introduction to entomology, plant pathology and plant problem diagnosis. Students create a simple small-scale farming business plan as well as explore the many social aspects of community and urban gardening.

Students can also earn a B.S. or minor in general horticulture online.

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Learn the art of writing poetry

WR 341* is an advanced poetry writing course aimed at refining your rhyming skills. In this course students will be asked to: recognizeBook the poetic subject, using vivid and accurate language, create appropriate metaphors and imagery, break lines effectively, and maximize the musicality and rhythmic intensity of lines.

* signifies the course as a Baccalaureate Core course.
Prerequisite: WR 241

Are you interested in taking more writing classes and improving your employability? Earn a minor in writing, online.

A writing minor offers students a number of advantages, including:

  • Training and experience in writing, both critical and creative, a skill which is vital for success in the world.
  • Training for teaching, business, law and a number of other careers.
  • Study of literature of all kinds, including American, English, multicultural and global, ancient and contemporary.

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Looking for more spring courses?

Whether you need a bacc core course or an interesting elective, Ecampus has many new or recently updated online courses to choose from this summer.

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