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Fall edition — Sept. 4, 2012

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Important dates and information

Fall term is a mere 20 days away, and this newsletter – complete with course and program highlights contains a ton of resources to help you begin the 2012-13 school year on the right foot.

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Experience poetry as lively performance art

WR 399 – Spoken Word Poetry

WR 399 -- Spoken Word PoetryPoetry is a brilliant form of art. But an exciting one? You better believe it. This new, interactive class explores the world of spoken word and slam poetry, which have given contemporary poetics a sense of vibrancy and the ability to expand the art's visibility worldwide.

The four-credit course serves as a hands-on workshop for students to learn about and enhance their skills in spoken word poetics via multimedia, texts and personal reflection.

The instructor is Timothy Black, a national award-winning poet whose first book of work, published in 2008, received much acclaim.

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Tune your ears and brain by learning to read music

MUS 199 – Fundamentals of Music

MUS 199 -- Fundamentals of Music
Music isn't technically a foreign language, but it certainly feels like it for a lot of people. This course will help resolve that issue, as instructor David Servias, D.M.A., and his series of interactive lectures will help you learn the basics of reading music as you receive an introduction to music theory.

You'll begin to learn how to train your ear musically and discover how to construct scales, intervals and chords on the keyboard. Among many other course highlights, Dr. Servias will teach you how to identify basic rhythmic note and rest values and describe their relationships with each other, and you'll compose short rhythmic examples.

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Examine a culture's history in two countries

HEBR 231 – Introduction to Jewish Culture

HEBR 231 -- Introduction to Jewish CultureHere's a cultural diversity bacc core course that will challenge students by having them compare and contrast the roots and current culture of Israeli Jews and American Jews. The course, led by instructor Yael Beged-Dov and taught in English, helps students understand the perspectives of people in a different time and place than themselves.

Among the enriching course objectives is the examination of major periods, events and religious practices in Jewish history, as well as discussions on the secret of Jewish survival. The class emphasizes the challenges that Jews in the United States and Israel faced in adapting to their new or existing environments.

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Public health graduate program makes its debut

H 512 – Environmental and Occupational Health

H 512 -- Environmental and Occupational HealthOregon State Ecampus is excited to unveil our new Graduate Certificate in Public Health this fall, and this is the first course in the program.

Take an in-depth look at basic concepts and issues in environmental health as instructor Brenda O. Hoppe, Ph.D., helps you examine environmental hazards that affect human health in the context of current social, political and regulatory pressures. This course will enable you to identify and explain environmental health problems in different communities, as well as communicate prevention and control strategies used in environmental and occupational health.

Topics covered in the class will include food protection, indoor and outdoor air pollution, drinking water and wastewater, environmental consequences of energy production and plenty more.

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Learn about life at the bottom of the world

FW 467 – Antarctic Science and Conservation

FW 467 -- Antarctic Science and ConservationThe extreme remoteness of Antarctica doesn't mean it's a forgotten piece of land. In fact, the polar opposite is true. It is the site of large-scale, international conservation efforts, and this challenging upper-division class involves the exploration of Antarctica's history, geology, climate and ecosystems, with a special emphasis on current conservation issues.

The successful completion of the course will equip you with the ability to, among other things, describe the biophysical processes that sustain Antarctic ecosystems and the implications of altering those components. The weekly lectures, led by instructor Michelle Kappes, Ph.D., will touch on a variety of engaging topics, including the history of Antarctic exploration, glaciology, climate change and marine mammals.

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