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Winter edition — Nov. 8, 2012

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Before you can put fall term to rest and start dreaming of holiday food, read this newsletter -- complete with course highlights and other resources -- to help prepare you for winter term with Oregon State Ecampus.

Student reading a bookWinter term 2013
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Pull back the curtain on the world of theatre

TA 147  Introduction to the Theatre

TA 147 - Introduction to the TheatreThe theatre can be an intimidating place, especially if you're the one on stage. But TA 147 reveals the inner workings and history of theatre, helping you to gain a better understanding (from an outsider's perspective) of how it and its performers function.

This is a baccalaureate core survey course on everything theatre, introducing students to the reading and study of dramatic literature, theatre’s function in society, all aspects of theatre’s process and major movements in theatre history. Guided by instructor Elizabeth Helman, you'll also learn about the function of artists and craftspersons of the theatre.

See the course description.

Find your voice and tell a story

WR 239 – Intro to Writing Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

WR 239 -- Intro to Writing Fiction and Creative NonfictionAs the saying goes, "Nothing beats a good story, well told" -- unless you're the one who's telling the story. Instructor Tanya Katz's enriching course will help you discover ways to do just that by identifying the elements that make stories more vivid, more human and more true.

Students will read and write both memoir and short fiction pieces in this class. In the reading component, you'll examine works in both genres centered around themes, such as parents and children, friends and lovers and living with death. In the writing component, students will write one piece in each genre, using techniques learned from course reading materials.

See the sample course syllabus.

Want to apply for grad school? Start here

IST 420 -- Graduate School PreparationIST 420 – Graduate School Preparation

You know what's less scary than applying for graduate school? Pretty much everything. But fear not, aspiring grad students: This class covers all the information and provides all the resources you'll need to successfully navigate the process and apply to the graduate or professional program that fits you best.

This 1-credit course is designed to help guide students through a series of important steps: writing a personal statement, analyzing the options to finance your education, researching various programs of interest, selecting advisors/mentors who align with your interests, developing a professional presence and, ultimately, applying to a graduate program of your choice.

See the sample course syllabus.

21st century tech tools for teachers

TCE 596 – Technology for Educators

TCE 596 - Technology for EducatorsHere's a dynamic course that has been redesigned and meets the needs of educators who want to integrate 21st century digital literacies into their educational setting. It is highly interactive with the use of social media in education and the learning motto "Play, create, share, and reflect."

Join a community of adult learners by using social media -- wikis, blogs, social bookmarking, etc. -- to discover the potential to give learners a voice on real world issues with these invaluable tools.

Please email instructor Cheridy Aduviri or Ed.M. online program lead Sue Helback with any questions.

View the course description.

In-depth geography with a comic book flair

GEO 106 – Geography of the Western World

GEO 106 -- Geography of the Western World Your previous geography classes probably didn't utilize a comic book character to cover vital concepts like globalization, population, politics and economics. But this class will introduce you to The Plaid Avenger, who is the Indiana Jones of geography and a highly engaging way to learn more about the regions identified as “the West."

Instructor Demian Hommel's course is a unique introduction to the geography of the Western World through an investigation of spatial patterns and processes. You will explore what it means to be “western," and through The Plaid Avenger’s graphic approach, you'll learn to question the typical ways we categorize, label and talk about the world.

See the sample course syllabus

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