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Winter edition — Nov. 18, 2014

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Let's get down to business: Priority registration for Oregon State's winter term is underway, so look at the calendar to find out when it's your turn to register.

This newsletter highlights some of the newest, most engaging courses delivered online by OSU Ecampus but don't forget to check our schedule of classes to browse hundreds more that can help you move closer to graduation.

One last thing: Winter classes start Jan. 5.

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Have big career goals? Stock up on these skills first

WR 214 – Writing in Business

BusinesswomanWhy are you pursuing an education? Odds are it's because you want to improve your career prospects. And as you're working toward that goal, you need to add a few essential skills to your repertoire. This baccalaureate core class will help you do that and then some.

Instructor Sara Jameson will educate you and your classmates on how to craft a standout résumé, the all-important cover letter, as well as job reports, proposals for problem solving and newsletters in the workplace.

New class and certificate for college educators

GRAD 560 – Theories of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Memorial Union at Oregon State UniversityLast month Ecampus launched a new Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching, designed to help higher education professionals improve their teaching abilities. It can also help graduate students distinguish themselves post-graduation as they pursue professional careers.

One of the required courses in the 18-credit program is GRAD 560, which focuses on theories and research related to teaching and learning in higher education. It examines successful course design and methods, and it provides a solid theoretical and pedagogical foundation for working in higher education settings.

How much power does Angelina have?

PS 399 – Celebrity Politics

Condolezza Rice and Angelina JolieCelebrities have a unique role in politics due to their name recognition, income and access to the media. People like Angelina Jolie, Bono, Ted Nugent and Donald Trump have brought attention to issues that have national and global implications.

As part of the Current Problems in Politics series, this class explores the role of celebrities and celebrity politicians in the political process and the domestic and international policy implications of their activism. A special focus is given to current celebrities working in humanitarian, environmental and other high-visibility causes.

Download the sample course syllabus.

Here's a blueprint for being a stellar student

ALS 116 – Academic Success

Calendar planningIt sounds cliché, but this 2-credit class has a little something for everyone and can help any student become more successful and engaged in the classroom. ALS 116 is designed to help you master the skills of time management, goal setting, critical thinking and note taking through engaging tutorials and active learning.

If taking tests gives you anxiety (hey, we've all been there), rest assured that this class provides tips on how to study like a pro and become better prepared for exams. The instructor is Theresa Harper, an Ecampus success counselor and longtime academic advisor at OSU.

Download the sample course syllabus.

Pop culture puts society under the microscope

SPAN 337 – Latin American Culture

Threadmaking toolHere's an intriguing bacc core class that uses contemporary movies and songs to analyze topics such as economic tensions, military dictatorships, narcotrafficking and poverty in Latin American countries.

The class is taught in Spanish by Angela Palacios and examines how certain events have shaped the cultural and societal development of these nations, with an emphasis on Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking peoples.

Discover what type of leader you are

AG 242 – Personal Leadership Development

AG 242 Personal Leadership DevelopmentIf you want to develop a personal growth plan and leadership portrait, this class is perfect for you. Although it's labeled as a general agriculture course, the knowledge you'll gain here can be applied to any subject area or any field.

Take home new employability skills and become familiar with foundational leadership ideas, including styles, teamwork and conflict management. You, your instructor and your classmates will build theories into real-world concepts that you can apply to your everyday life and leadership.

Download the sample course syllabus.

Three million a year at Yellowstone: What's the impact?

FES 453/553 – Nature-Based Tourism

Canoe on a riverTake an in-depth look at issues in natural resource-based tourism, including sustainable design and human-wildlife conflict in both domestic and international contexts. This class puts a particular focus on ecotourism.

By the end of the term, you should be able to provide a variety of examples of positive and negative impacts associated with nature-based tourism, as well as prescribe strategies for managing and monitoring these impacts. Graduate students will also gain research and applied skills that will assist in your academic and professional career.

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