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Ecampus News | Spring 2019
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Take a test drive of online learning at OSU

Get a sneak peek of what it's like to learn online with Oregon State Ecampus in our online course multimedia showcase.

Experience the innovation and rigor your Ecampus courses will offer by interacting with various course videos and modules.

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Financial aid and scholarships
How to pay for college: Financial aid and scholarships for online students

When it comes to paying for college, you need to see the big picture. But if the waters of financial aid and scholarships seem murky to you, you're not alone. One of the biggest concerns for college students is cost, and according to the OSU Ecampus enrollment services team, many current and future online students worry about hidden fees.

Whether you're preparing to apply to OSU or just beginning your research, we've compiled a list of tips to shed light on how to save money while funding your education.

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Important dates and deadlines
May-July          Graduate program deadlines differ based on each program
June 24          Summer term begins
July 24          Suggested application deadline for fall term (undergraduate degrees)
August          Postbaccalaureate program deadlines differ based on each program
Janine Romero
Despite distance, online learners build lasting connections

Oregon State's online learners do what many say can't be done: form genuine connections in the digital classroom.

Ecampus alumni from the Class of 2018 share how their interactions with peers and instructors went far beyond the computer screen, providing the opportunity to polish their communication skills and collaborate with others in their fields.

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Crop and soil science
Online degree in crop and soil science emphasizes advanced technologies

Driven by a slew of innovative technologies to teach course concepts, Oregon State is now offering a bachelor's degree in crop and soil science 100% online.

The program is the only one of its kind in the nation and reaches an underserved audience of working professionals in rural areas who have limited access to higher education opportunities.

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Ecampus student highlights
Lisa Frasieur

Business alumna gains a seat at the table with the help of an OSU degree play icon
Twenty years into her career as an accountant, Lisa Frasieur felt like she was a peg below her peers. “The first time I sat with our auditors, they asked me where I went to school,” she says now. “I didn't have a degree, and it was embarrassing.” Now, with an OSU business degree in hand, the question that was once a source of embarrassment is one she loves to answer.

Tommy Sheridan

Remote studies, experiential learning push forward fisheries career
Forging a career in Alaska's seafood industry isn't easy, but fisheries and wildlife administration alum Tommy Sheridan can't picture himself anywhere else. Now, with a gift to Oregon State Ecampus through the OSU Foundation, he encourages future fisheries students to follow in his wake.

Grace Masterjohn

Expanding her horizons: Online student shares research at on-campus event
Agricultural sciences student Grace Masterjohn found her passion for agriculture as a child participating in a 4-H program and the Future Farmers of America. Fast forward, and Grace has shared her love of the field with others by presenting her research at Oregon State's annual Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence event.

What they’re saying…

Dr. Barth took a subject as intimidating as chemistry and explained it in a way that made it easy and fun to learn. … She made me love chemistry!

—Student nomination for chemistry instructor Marita Barth
2019 Ecampus Excellence in Online Teaching and Student Engagement Award

Interactive learning
Ecampus students take education into their own hands through interactive learning activities

Oregon State students are eager for an education that moves their ideas from concept to action.

Online learners are no exception, and through interactive learning opportunities across Oregon State Ecampus degree programs, they're able to apply their learning right where they live and study.

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Dave Stemper
Behind the scenes with Dave Stemper, forest ecosystems & society instructor

Whether presenting at a conference, developing an open educational resource, coordinating an environmental summer camp for youth, or instructing Oregon State students online and on campus, Dave Stemper's deep-rooted environmental scholarship has been passed on widely to help shape a thoughtful, new generation of natural resource managers and communicators.

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Did you know?

Without a physical campus location to visit, Oregon State's online learners needed a clear-cut path to important mental health resources, so Ecampus faculty and staff partnered with OSU's Counseling and Psychological Services and the Student Care Team to lay the foundation.

Read more about Oregon State's efforts to support online learners manage their mental health.

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