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Summer-Fall Edition - May 25, 2005 --> Check us out!

Welcome to Course Flash for Summer and Fall terms, 2005. Many courses still have available seats; please check our website and Schedule of Classes for additional course and program information.

Register now for summer courses - Summer term starts June 20.

Open registration for fall begins May 31. Fall term begins September 26 .

Course Flash News

- Ecampus offers Anthropology Minor online

You can now combine our many online Anthropology courses into a minor! For more information about the Anthropology minor requirements, visit

- GIScience Certificate Program – Register for Fall Start

gis imageThe Professional Certificate in GIScience is designed to provide in-career professionals or continuing students with an introduction to GIScience technologies (including, but not limited to Geographic Information Systems). Visit or the OSU GIScience webpage for more information. Register now for fall 2005 start.

Note: Although the majority of the professional certificate courses are available online, this program is currently suitable only for Oregon residents or for students who are able to attend class on the OSU campus in Corvallis for one complete, 10-week term. The required advanced elective is currently offered on-site only.

New Summer Courses

Note: Click on course subject to jump to the Schedule of Classes.

ANS 311
Principles of Animal Nutrition (3)

This course is designed to help students understand the use of nutrients by animals and prepares them to undertake advanced study in the application of principles of nutrition. They will study classification, digestion, absorption, and metabolism of nutrients in animals and the consequences of nutritional deficiencies and toxicities. PREREQ: ANS 210 or ANS 313.

HST 381
History of Africa (3)

Learn about Africa’s rich history, from earliest times to present, including the origins of human society, the slave trade, European imperialism and African nationalism. The course covers African history up to 1830. HST 381 and HST 382 need not be taken in sequence. (Bacc Core Course)

MTH 065
Elementary Algebra (3)

If you need to upgrade or refresh your basic math skills, now you can do it online. Math 065 covers algebraic expressions, linear equations, and inequalities. Learn about rules of exponents, polynomials, factoring, and solution of quadratic equations. Study word problems involving linear equations, graphing of linear equations, and inequalities. (Offered only through OSU Extended Campus; Ecampus also offers Math 095 online.)

SED 599
Special Topics: Writing Grants for Science/Mathematics Improvement in Your School (3)

Teachers and administrators will learn the skills necessary to develop proposals for securing possible funding for classroom or school reform efforts. By the end of the course, each student will have developed a proposal ready for submission.

WS 499
Marriage and Power (3)wedding couple

Instructor David del Mar is the author of three books including, "What Trouble I Have Seen: A History of Violence against Wives" (Harvard University Press, 1996). This class will cover many important social issues, and asks questions including: Does divorce strengthen marriage? Do women’s religious beliefs blind them to the consequences of male dominance? Do husbands benefit from feminism?

Summer Course Highlights

WS 499
Gender and Technology (3)

Explore women's contributions to technology in a project-based course. While researching historical and cultural contributions and trends of women in technology fields, learn to: Build a web site, budget for your greatest dream, track your collections in a database, create art with technology, journal in a blog, discuss interesting readings.

New Fall Courses

ANTH 311
Peoples of the World – North America (3)

Learn about the cultural history and ecological adaptations of the indigenous peoples of North America. Emphasis is placed on dispelling stereotypic images, both past and present. Cannot be taken if student is taking or has completed the 400-level course in the same geographical area. PREREQ: Completion of ANTH 110 or ANTH 210 or completion of social processes and institutions requirement. (Bacc Core Course)

ANTH 315
Peoples of the World - Africa (3)

A holistic introductory survey of the social, political, economic and religious institutions of African cultures in the context of contemporary African issues. This course also examines the complexity of African history and how it was shaped by geography, human development and international relations. Cannot be taken if student is taking or has completed the 400-level course in the same geographical area. PREREQ: Completion of ANTH 110 or ANTH 210 or completion of social processes and institutions requirement. (Bacc Core Course)

CH 411
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

This new online course will cover the fundamental principles of inorganic
chemistry including atomic structure, bonding models for molecules and
solids, symmetry, acid/base chemistry, oxidation-reduction, and metal-ligand
complexes. PREREQ: One year of college-level chemistry.

CSS 499
Special Topics in Crop and Soil Science: Bioproducts (1)

"Bioproducts" are crops beyond those traditionally grown for food, feed and fiber and include crops that produce energy and raw materials for industry and pharmaceuticals. In this one-credit course you will learn how producing these crops would enhance the sustainability of Oregon agriculture by opening up new markets for farm products, reducing on-farm energy costs, lowering environmental pollution and reducing our dependency on oil-based products. PREREQ: Instructor approval required.

GEO 306
Minerals, Energy, Water, and the Environment (3)

Do you wonder about the future of clean water? In this course you’ll study geologic occurrences, environmental consequences, and the future of non-renewable earth resources, including metals, materials, oil, soil, and groundwater. (Bacc Core Course)

H 556
Strategic Management of Health Service Organizations (3)

Theories and methodologies of long-range planning and strategic management in health care organizations. PREREQ: Admission to HCA program. Note: This course is offered on-site at both St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon, and at Lebanon Community Hospital in Lebanon, Oregon.

japanese artJPN 331
Japanese Culture (3)

This course is the first in a three-quarter sequence (JPN 331, 332, 333) on Japanese culture. The focus in JPN 331 will be on the literature, art, religion, and social/political structure during the Nara (710-794), Heian (794-1185), Kamakura (1185-1333), and Ashikaga (1392-1573) periods. No previous knowledge of Japanese history or culture is assumed. Taught in English. PREREQ: Sophomore standing. (Bacc Core Course)

MUS 199
The Business of Music

Interested in learning about or working in the music industry? This new
course has already generated much interest and enthusiasm from music
majors who may be looking for a career in the music industry after
graduation. You'll learn about record deals, songwriting, publishing and
copyrights, music downloads and streaming, and much more!

PHL 160
Quests for Meaning: World Religions (4)

The root of the word religion probably comes from religio, relegare, meaning “to knit or bind together.” In this course, students will study the values, teachings, and histories of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Native American religion from a comparativist perspective. The course objective includes developing a greater personal and cultural understanding, and acceptance of religious pluralism.

- Also approved for Fall 05: Anth 481 - Natural Resources and Community Values; Ch 411 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry; and MUS 199 – Business of Music. Check our online schedule of classes soon (link below) for more information.

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