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Summer Edition - May 31, 2006 --> Check us out!

Welcome to Course Flash for summer term, 2006. Many courses still have available seats; please check our website and Schedule of Classes for additional course and program information.

Registration is ongoing for summer and fall terms. Summer term begins June 26.
Fall term September 25.

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New Summer Courses

BB 450
General Biochemistry (4)

Sequence course for students with a limited background in physical chemistry. Must be taken in order. PREREQ: CH 332 or (preferably) CH 336.

FW 320
Introductory Population Dynamics (3)

Principles and concepts of population dynamics related to fish and wildlife populations. PREREQ: BI 370 or BI 371 and MTH 111. COREQ: FW 322 (Required for fisheries and wildlife majors).

H 210
Introduction to Health Services & Organizations (3)

Course will provide students with tools to understand and critically assess the health care delivery system in the U.S., its components, and the challenges created by its structure. (Bacc Core Course).

HST 475
Civil War & Reconstruction (3)

Origins of the war, nature of the war, and the critical postwar era, 1830s to 1880s. Focuses on the military history of the war, as well as the political, economic, social, and cultural landscapes and problems. Not offered every year.

MB 230
Introductory Biology (4)

Learn about microbiology as it affects our everyday lives; the impact of microorganisms on health, food/water sanitation, environment, industry, and genetic engineering. NOTE: Lectures are online, but labs require students to attend two on-site sessions at the Corvallis campus -Sat., 7/22 and Sat., 7/29. (Bacc Core Course)

SED 599
Inquiring into Science Learning and Technology (3)

K-12 teachers ask questions about science and mathematics learning and teaching, interpret evidence from the literature and documentary websites, and plan inquiries in the context of their own teaching practices and students’ learning.

SOC 480/580
Environmental Sociology (3)

Environmental Sociology examines people’s beliefs about the environment, their behavior toward it, and the ways in which the structure of society influences them and contributes to the persistent abuse of the environment. (Bacc Core Course)

SPAN 319
Spanish for Business (3)

Introduction to the Spanish business world and commercial language. Development of business vocabulary, discussion, practice in writing resumes, business letters and reports. Conducted in Spanish. May not be offered every year.

WR 121
English Composition (3)

Introduction to critical thinking, the writing process, and the forms of expository writing. Intensive writing practice, with an emphasis on revision. (Bacc Core Course)

WR 241
Introduction to Writing Poetry (3)

Discussion workshop. Rudiments of mechanics and some background in development of modern poetry. (FA) (Bacc Core Course)

WS 230
Women in the Movies (3)

Examines ways women are depicted in the movies and how those depictions are created by and create larger social constructions of women. Special attention is given to the intersections of race, class, sexual identity, and age with gender. (Bacc Core Course)

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