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Welcome to Course Flash for winter term, 2006. Many courses still have available seats; please check our website and Schedule of Classes for additional course and program information.

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Open registration begins December 2.

Winter classes begin January 9, 2006.

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New Winter Courses

BA 462
Project Management (4)

Today more companies are realizing that managing projects is a vital part of everyone’s job. Get a competitive advantage in the marketplace by mastering key tools, concepts and processes of managing projects like product development, construction, information systems, new business and special events. PREREQ: BA 350, BA 352, BA 357, and senior standing.

BB 451
General Biochemistry (3)

Sequence course for students with a limited background in physical chemistry. Must be taken in order. BB 450/ BB 550, three lectures and one recitation; BB 451/BB 551 and BB 452/BB 552, three lectures. PREREQ: CH 332 or (preferably) CH 336.

BI 311
Genetics (4)

dnaDevelop your problem solving and critical thinking skills by studying the fascinating world of genetics. This course will cover a broad range of topics including Mendelian or transmission genetics, linkage analysis and mapping, chemical/physical structure of the gene, and transcription and translation. PREREQ: One year each of biology and chemistry; BI 314 is strongly recommended.

GEO 305
Living with Active Cascade Volcanoes (3)

Learn about volcanic processes, the impact of volcanic activity on human history, and the risks and benefits of living near potentially active volcanoes. Study the volcanic activity in the Cascade Range of the Northwest, including volcano monitoring and hazard assessment. No field trip required for online students. (Bacc Core Course)

GEO 326
Geography of Europe (3)

Learn about the physical and human geography of Europe. Study the geographic context of cities, countries and major physical features of Europe. Examine the cultural and environmental diversity of Europe, with emphasis on events of the last 60 years. (Bacc Core Course)

JPN 332
Japanese Culture (3)

This course is the second in a 3-course series on Japanese culture. The focus will be on literature, art, religion and social/political structure during the Tokugawa/Edo period (1600-1867). No previous knowledge of Japanese culture is required; JPN 331 is not a prerequisite for this course. (Bacc Core Course)

MUP 192
Individual Lessons: Strings/Guitar III

This new course is offered as part three in the series of online guitar lesson/performance courses. Visit the Schedule of Classes and the instructor's syllabus for more information.

SOC 206
Social Problems and Issues (3)homeless person

The examination of social problems with particular focus on US society. Students will develop a sociological perspective in looking at pressing, often controversial issues in the US and the world. Students will learn to examine these issues as structurally conditioned, socially constructed, and influencing everyone’s day to day lives. (Bacc Core Course) (DPD Course)

Winter Course Highlights

ENG 320
American Drama (3)

Have you always loved the theatre? In this course you’ll delve into plays from classic 20th century American playwrights like Neil Simon, Tennessee Williams, and Arthur Miller. Engage in lively online discussions with your classmates. This course is not offered every year.

music notesMUS 101
Music Appreciation 1: Survey (3)

An extra section has been added to this popular course that surveys European classical music tradition. You’ll sharpen your listening skills and deepen your understanding of music while learning terminology and the historical and cultural aspects of the music. Course was designed for non-music majors. (Bacc Core Course) (FA)

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