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Erin Devlin is an Oregon State graduate who earned her Master of Public Health degree online. Read her first-person story and others in the Oregon State Everywhere archives »

You belong to a vast network of students and alumni who have learned online with Oregon State University — pursuing a degree, gaining in-demand skills and working tirelessly to move up and make their mark in the world.

Your story is unique, and we’d love to help you tell it. Why? Because first-person success stories like yours motivate other Oregon State students to persevere, and they inspire others to restart their educational journeys.

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In the space below, please tell us about your experiences learning online with Oregon State. Here are some sample questions you could consider as you’re writing:
  • What has your experience been like learning online?
  • What inspired your degree/career path?
  • How did the quality of Oregon State’s online courses and programs impact your learning?
  • How do you expect the skills you’ve gained will impact your career?
  • Have you taken part in a study abroad program or an internship? If so, how did it benefit your student experience?
  • Has financial aid played a role in your attendance at OSU? If so, how?
  • What challenges have you had to overcome in your academic journey?
  • What advice would you give to current and future OSU Ecampus students?
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Please send an email to Tyler Hansen with any questions related to the Oregon State Everywhere project.