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10 things you need to know about OSU Libraries

OSU Libraries is based out of The Valley Library on Oregon State University's Corvallis campus, but it serves learners all over the world.

Libraries aren’t just buildings, even though this is both a building and a library. The Valley Library on the Corvallis campus is home to OSU Libraries, which provides ample resources and services to Oregon State students around the world. The OSU Ecampus offices are also located in the library.

OSU Ecampus librarian shares a helpful list of information every online learner should read

By Zach Welhouse

Editor’s note: This article was originally published Jan. 8, 2021. It was updated Jan. 5, 2023 to include new information and resources.

The OSU Libraries provide access to many services and resources that Oregon State Ecampus students can use online. Even if you are located in another state, you can still access our journals, books, and other resources.

Here are 10 things you should know as you conduct your studies from a distance.

1. Start with OSU Libraries’ Ecampus guide

The Ecampus guide contains information about accessing online journal articles, receiving library materials in the mail, contact information, research guides and other useful library tutorials

2. One-stop searching with 1Search

1Search allows you to search many of our collections at once, including journal articles, books, government documents, digital collections and streaming video. It’s a good place to start if you want to find out what’s available on your topic. For more help with, check out the 1Search research guide.

Photo of Zach Welhouse, the online learning librarian for OSU Libraries, standing outside the Valley Library.

Zach Welhouse is the online learning librarian for OSU Libraries.

3. Finding articles in online databases

Databases are the best way to find articles on a specific topic. After searching 1Search, it’s worth digging deeper with a specific database. Our database list is organized alphabetically and by subject area. To access full-text content, you must access the databases through the OSU Libraries website.

4. Accessing journals online

OSU Libraries subscribes to many journals. In some cases, you can access full text of the journal online. If you need a copy of an article from a journal that we only have in print or do not own, you can fill out an interlibrary loan request form (see No. 7 below).

5. Online course reserves

Some “Ebook” or “Ebook Chapter” items in 1Search are digital course reserves. To access them, you will need to be logged in to the library catalog. Each document can be read simultaneously by a limited number of users. If there are too many people currently reading a document, you will have the option of joining a waitlist. You will be notified at your OSU email address when the document is available.

6. Receiving materials from OSU Libraries

1Search lists the books, videos and other items in our collection. You can have these resources sent to your home address (sorry, no P.O. boxes). In 1Search, click the item’s title.

Under “Get It,” click on “Request OSU’s Copy” or “Place Summit Request.” Choose “Home Delivery” for your pickup/delivery location. We’ll send the book via FedEx and include a shipping label for the return. Shipping time is usually 4-5 days.

7. Receiving materials not at OSU Libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Interlibrary Loan is used to request items, including books and journal articles, from the collections of non-OSU libraries. Article requests are usually fulfilled digitally within 13 hours, while books may take 2-7 days (plus shipping to you). You can request some items directly from 1Search, while you can request any book or article from the ILL site.

8. Ebooks

Ebooks are listed in 1Search just like print books. Limit your search to ebooks by using the “Resource Type” menu on the right side of the screen. Many ebooks can be downloaded or partially printed. For more information, read our guide about ebooks.

9. Learn more with research guides

Course guides and subject guides can help you identify the best sources for your research. If your specific course doesn’t have a guide, check under the course’s discipline for an asterisk-marked *subject guide*.

10. We’re here to answer your questions

For Ecampus-related library questions, contact OSU Libraries Ecampus liaison Zach Welhouse via email or schedule an online research consultation. For general questions and subject-specific research assistance, try these resources:

When you contact us, let us know you are an Ecampus student. It’ll help us connect you to the right resources.

Explore a suite of additional resources available to Oregon State students who learn online.

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