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How to get past self-doubt going to school online

OSU Ecampus puts a support system at your fingertips.

By Carly Johansen
March 25, 2020

Making the commitment to earning a degree is a huge first step. Many Ecampus students have another mountain to climb before graduation, though. Self-doubt. Conquering that opponent takes perseverance.

With a love of animals but a lack of confidence in her science skills, Andrea Fuchs abandoned her dream of working with wildlife in high school. It wasn’t until she was immersed in her coursework online with Oregon State University Ecampus when she realized that her self-doubt was getting in the way of her pursuing her passion. Andrea tackled her imposter syndrome head on – and never looked back.

Like Andrea, Ecampus students come from all over, but they all have one goal in common: graduation. They have weathered natural disasters, family crises, employment challenges and personal struggles, including overcoming that little voice in their head that says ‘this isn’t for you’. They are determined, resilient and ready to make an impact.

At OSU Ecampus, you’ve got a support network behind you to tackle your imposter syndrome and banish self-doubt. You can make it happen — we’ll be here every step of the way.

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