Baccalaureate Core

The baccalaureate core (bacc core) curriculum represents what the OSU faculty believes is the foundation for students' further understanding of the modern world. The bacc core is required for every major at OSU.

No single course may be used by a student to satisfy more than one subject area of the core even though some courses have been approved in more than one area. Some bacc core requirements may be satisfied by a program's major core. This differs by program.

(15 credits/5 courses)
Skills courses ensure that students have the basic skills in written and oral communication and in mathematics that are critical to their academic and professional success. Fitness emphasizes the value of personal wellness. Writing I 3 credits
Writing II 3 credits
Speech 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Fitness 3 credits
(24 credits/7 courses)
Perspectives courses provide students with a breadth of knowledge across disciplinary fields. Biological Science w/ Lab 4 credits
Physical Science w/ Lab 4 credits
Additional Science w/ Lab 4 credits
Cultural Diversity 3 credits
Literature and the Arts 3 credits
Social Processes & Institutions 3 credits
Western Culture 3 credits
Difference, Power, & Discrimination
(3 credits/1 course)
In DPD courses, students examine the complex structures, systems, and beliefs behind discrimination and unequal power distribution in American society. Difference, Power, and Discrimination 3 credits
Synthesis Courses
(6 credits/2 courses)
Synthesis courses use multidisciplinary approaches that foster critical thinking in a given content area. Contemporary Global Issues 3 credits
Science, Technology, and Society 3 credits
Writing Intensive Course (WIC)
(3 credits/1 course)
In WIC courses, students gain knowledge of and practice with writing in their major Writing Intensive Course is specific to the major 3 credits
TOTAL CREDITS: 51 credits