Credits required
45 Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. This program's 45 quarter credits are equal to 30 semester credits.*
Cost per credit
$560 Cost per credit is calculated using tuition per credit for the current academic year. It does not include associated fees, course materials, textbook expenses, and other expenses related to courses.
Online You can complete all or nearly all requirements of this program online. View the curriculum.
Start terms
4 per year

Professional Science Master's in Environmental Sciences – Online

PSM curriculum

The Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Sciences program is offered as a non-thesis degree program only. An advisor and a graduate committee will work with you to review your program of study, provide career and internship advice, and evaluate a final report and defense based on the internship or project experience.

Degree requirements

The program includes coursework in environmental sciences as well as courses from other academic units on campus. Graduate certificates may be pursued in conjunction with the PSM ENSC degree based on your area of concentration and interest.

View the program's curriculum requirements on OSU's academic catalog or in greater detail on the OSU Graduate School website.

Specialization tracks

Tracks, or areas of concentration, give focus and identity to your curriculum, and they allow for flexibility in response to changing employment demands. You will choose courses listed within one of these tracks:

  • Biogeochemistry
  • Ecology
  • Environmental education
  • Natural resources
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Social science
  • Water resources
  • Climate change

Sample course topics

  • Environmental perspectives and methods
  • Environmental analysis
  • Managerial decision tools
  • Creating value in exchange
  • Sustainable natural resource development
  • Global and environmental change
  • Geographic information systems
  • Data analytics
  • Environmental project management
  • Energy policy
  • Environmental and resource economics
  • World views and environmental values

Additional program features


In order to fulfill the program requirements, you will take part in a 6-credit internship experience that is equivalent to three months of full-time work. Internships can take place in a variety of venues, including environmental consulting or engineering firms, businesses involved in land-use planning, NGOs and governmental agencies in the public sector. Full details on the internship »


Notice: Oregon State University students may now take part in internships anywhere in the United States. Read more about Ecampus’ authorization and compliance.

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