Economics - Online Minor

Earn a minor in economics online through OSU Ecampus

Add economics to your undergraduate degree program and really focus your studies based on your career goals.

The OSU Department of Economics and Ecampus invite you to discover the flexibility and value of completing an economics minor online as part of your undergraduate degree program. 

Develop critical thinking and analytical skills

Pursuing a minor in economics provides training to use the mathematical and statistical models available to economists as they study the ways societies use scarce resources including land, labor, raw materials and machinery to produce goods and services.  Economists examine how individuals, organizations and societies make choices. Adding an economics minor is a good companion to other Ecampus online degree programs, such as:

  • Business - Examine relevant issues affecting economic growth for today's businesses.
  • Environmental sciences - Utilize statistical models and critical thinking to navigate solutions facing today's environment. 
  • Anthropology - Examine how societies choices influence how it uses scarce resources to produce and distribute goods and services.