Environmental Economics and Policy - Online Minor

Earn a minor in Environmental Economics and Policy online through Ecampus

Oregon State's College of Agricultural Sciences offers a minor program in Environmental Economics and Policy for undergraduates with majors in other fields that is available online through Ecampus.

OSU has a proud history of research and education in agricultural, resource, and environmental economics and is a recognized leader in developing the applied resource economics field. Courses within this minor program are taught by OSU's world-class faculty who are recognized internationally for excellence in research and innovation.

Excellent job market in environmental policy and analysis

Over the last decade, federal and state governments and community-based organizations continue to underscore the importance placed on environmental quality, sustainability and natural resource management. Students pursuing this minor will be able to understand and contribute to management efforts associated with sustainable and efficient use of our environmental and natural resources and to inform the public debate regarding responsible solutions for resource problems affecting the American public and the global community.

Job opportunities for students completing this minor include employment with

  • state and federal government agencies that have environmental regulatory compliance responsibly or resource management and policy responsibilities; 
  • research and nonprofit foundations engaged with promoting sustainable and effective management practices; and 
  • private-based sectors that are impacted by regulatory compliance and government-based policy.

Additionally, the minor can assist students in preparing for law careers, educational leadership and interdisciplinary graduate programs.