Leadership Minor: Frequently Asked Questions

Why a leadership minor?

Leadership and soft skill development will be essential to your progression as a professional. They are not always essential to your first job hire, but if you want to grow as a professional and advance in a career at an accelerated rate, leadership skills are key. Without soft skill leadership development, you will reach a cap to your career. Leadership and the study of leadership will unlock your potential to excel and grow.

How will a leadership minor benefit me?

The successful completion of a leadership minor provides a transcript-visible way for you to convey to an employer that you developed your content knowledge and completed coursework to enhance your leadership and soft skills. It tells an employer that you are serious about personal development and that you have developed a skill set to analyze problems and work with others to achieve results. It speaks to your desire to not just meet the minimum job standards but to excel and maximize your benefit to your employer.

Is the minor transcript visible?

Yes, OSU's 28-credit leadership minor is transcript visible.

Graphic showing "Leadership minor students from 9 OSU colleges."

Leadership minor is open to all OSU undergraduate students. Currently, students from the colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Business, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering, Forestry, Honors, Liberal Arts, Public Health & Human Sciences, and Science are pursuing this minor. 

Is the leadership minor open to all OSU students?

This minor is open to all students (Ecampus and on-campus) from any department or discipline area, not just agriculture students. More importantly, the content is specific to leadership and can be applied to any academic content area. Students participating in the minor come from every college at OSU, such as engineering, liberal arts, science, business, and public health and human sciences.

Completing your minor:

How often do I need to consult with a leadership minor advisor?

The leadership minor advisors are here to help you be successful in the minor; therefore, we encourage you to contact us as often as you need. However, there are two expected points of contact:

  1. Prior to enrolling in the minor
  2. Prior to beginning your applied leadership development experience

How do I add the leadership minor?

If you are ready to declare the minor, you need to set up an appointment with an advisor. For questions or to set up an appointment please email leadershipminor@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-2661. Please be sure to include your OSU student ID number and phone number in an email to assist us in scheduling an appointment.

Can I count a class in my major or another baccalaureate core class in my minor?

Yes, we allow students to count some classes that may be included in the primary major.

Can I S/U a minor course?

You cannot S/U a course that is required for the minor. Occasionally students S/U a class prior to entering the minor, and in this case, assuming an S grade was earned, you can apply this to a leadership minor course. The leadership theory section should be traditional letter grades.

Are there grade minimums?

There is no grade minimum for the leadership minor coursework; however, if you are struggling academically in a minor course, please do not hesitate to talk with your leadership minor advisor.

Do I have to take the leadership minor courses in a sequence?

No. Although we traditionally encourage students to take the theory courses in the sequence (AG 242, AG 342), this is not required. However, a majority of coursework should be completed prior to enrolling in the AG 444 Leadership Minor Capstone course.

I have prior military leadership experience. Can I include it in the minor?

Yes. Part of our trait and skill development courses include ROTC classes. We encourage you to submit a petition form for your experience to cover some of these credits.

When should I take the AG 444 capstone course?

Ideally this course should be taken as your final leadership minor course. If this proves difficult, please consult with a leadership minor advisor to explore options.

Earning applied leadership development credit:

Can I count a prior completed service learning/research internship toward this minor? 

No. We structure the applied component of the leadership minor so that you enter into the experience with defined leadership learning outcomes. Therefore, we do not count previous experiences.

Can I do the applied leadership development section in my hometown?

You may complete the applied component of the minor in almost any location or setting. However, before moving forward with your experience, remember that applied leadership development credits must be approved by submitting a proposal for the experience.

(Please note: Due to state regulations at this time, online students cannot complete internships in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Tennessee. Your leadership minor advisor can work with you on another type of meaningful experience if you live in one of these states.)

If I have a job and feel my position and duties would apply, can I get applied leadership development credit for that type of experience?

There are many avenues in which you can complete your applied leadership development credits. Some students have used their current work settings for credit and added a leadership-based, specific component to their duties. The goal is to create intentional and individual learning objectives to support your own personal and professional growth.

We can assist you in brainstorming ideas, or if you have a clear vision and goals in mind, fill out an applied leadership development proposal. Please remember that the proposal must be submitted and reviewed prior to enrolling in these credits.

How far in advance can I complete the applied leadership development portion of the leadership minor?

The idea of the applied component is to build upon the work and knowledge you've obtained through leadership theory and trait/skill development. Generally, the applied leadership development credits should be taken after you have taken some trait/skill and leadership theory coursework.

Can I get paid for my applied experience?

Yes, but it is not required.

How many hours equate to how many credits?

The internships, service learning and research credits are variable, meaning your approved credits will be based on your time spent/involved with the experience. Generally, 1 credit is given for 33 hours of work.

Are there options for fulfilling the applied leadership development section other than internship-type experiences?

Yes, the applied section can be completed with a combination of coursework and internship.

Can I complete two different applied leadership development projects?

We would like students to get the most of their internship experience and sometimes that means splitting up your applied components. We encourage you to contact your leadership minor advisor and communicate to them your ideas and needs in pursuing this minor.

Do I have to take all of the applied credits at the same time?

No. Some students complete the applied components in a large chunk, usually over the summer, while others complete the applied component a few credits each quarter throughout the school year.

I'm doing an internship for my primary major. Can I use this for the leadership minor internship as well?

You should contact your leadership minor advisor and communicate with them. We will accept up to 5 credits of internship experience from another major or college; however, you must pre-approve the internship with us, and meet all of our leadership minor requirements in addition to the requirements of your home major or college.