Microbiology – Online Minor

Oregon State University’s minor in microbiology, offered by OSU’s College of Science, provides you with a fundamental understanding of the discipline of microbiology and its laboratory techniques. You can select a general area of study or choose from specialized topics such as immunology, virology, or human health.

Adding a minor in microbiology will pay career dividends for professionals in a variety of fields including food production, environmental science, medicine or research. It’s also a strong foundation if you’re preparing for professional or graduate school.

You’ll gain competencies in the following areas:

  • Acquiring, articulating, retaining and applying specialized language and knowledge relevant to microbiology.
  • Acquiring and demonstrating competency in lab safety and in routine and specialized microbiological lab skills applicable to microbiological research or clinical methods, including accurately reporting observations and analysis.
  • Communicating scientific concepts, experimental results and analytical arguments clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.

An example of the courses that would fulfill the minor requirements could include:

Category 1: Each student must take MB 255/BHS 255 or MB 230 or (MB 302 and 303)
BHS 255*     Allied Health Microbiology
MB 230*       Introduction to Microbiology
MB 302        General Microbiology

Category 2: Take 14 - 23 credits in this category
BHS 316      Principles of Immunology
MB 320        Human Bacteriology
BHS 329      Mechanisms of Disease: Introduction to General Pathology
BOT 350      Introductory Plant Pathology
BHS 323^    Microbial Influences on Human Health
MB 340        Introductory Virology
MB 480        Parasitology

Category 3: Take 0 - 9 credits in this category
MB 330         Disease and Society
BOT 324       Fungi in Society
ANS 302       Common Diseases of Companion Animals
H 312            HIV/AIDS & STIS in Modern Society
H 320            Introduction to Human Disease
H 425            Foundations of Epidemiology

* Baccalaureate Core Course (BCC)
^ Writing Intensive Course (WIC)

Adding a microbiology minor is a good companion to other Oregon State Ecampus online degree programs, such as:

  • Public health: Combine knowledge of infectious agents with your understanding of the relationships between culture and health
  • Natural resources and environmental sciences: Gain a deeper understanding of the historical relationship of nature and culture to identify how we can preserve our current environment.
  • Agricultural sciences: The microbiology minor is a good fit as an area of focus for this customizable program. Create your own area of expertise to fit your career goals.  
  • Fisheries and Wildlife - Pursue your goal of maintaining a balanced ecosystem for species and habitat in the wild.