Credits required
180 Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. This program's 180 quarter credits are equal to 120 semester credits.*
Cost per credit
$350 Based on current tuition rates. No additional charge for nonresident students. Does not include course materials and associated fees and expenses.
Online You can complete all or nearly all requirements of this program online. View the curriculum.
Start terms
4 per year

B.A./B.S. in Philosophy – Online


Earning your philosophy degree will provide you with skills and knowledge that translates well to a wide variety of career fields. It also serves as a gateway to law school and other types of graduate school.

According to the American Philosophical Association, philosophy majors consistently perform best or near best on graduate school admission exams, such as the LSAT, GRE and GMAT, compared to other majors.

Philosophy majors are also twice as likely than other college graduates overall to become CEOs, according to PayScale.

Job market outlook

Make a well-informed decision on which degree to pursue online by using the following live job market information from public and private data sources.

Who studies philosophy?

Political leaders. Authors. Civil Rights activists. Entrepreneurs. Entertainers. Some of the most well-known and successful figures throughout history have studied philosophy in college. The American Philosophical Association compiled an impressive list that helps to demonstrate just how wide-ranging the career options are for people with a background in philosophy.

In addition, students with a philosophy undergraduate degree are well-situated to go to law school and medical school and for advanced graduate study more generally.

Additional career services

An added benefit is that you’ll have access to Oregon State's Career Development Center, which provides valuable resources to help you find lifelong career success and meaningful employment in a vibrant world.


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