Credits required
180 Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. This program's 180 quarter credits are equal to 120 semester credits.
Cost per credit
$297 Cost per credit is calculated using tuition per credit for the current academic year. It does not include associated fees, course materials, textbook expenses, and other expenses related to courses.
Online You can complete all courses online. Some courses may require proctored exams in your local area.
Start terms
4 per year

B.A./B.S. Political Science – Online

Major courses

Featured course: Politics and the Media (PS 415)

Examine the methods of operation, content and effects of the media in relation to politics and government. Course work includes analysis of newspaper, radio and television, political advertising and other forms of political communication. (Offered summer term. Four-credit course)

Faculty: Philipp Kneis, Ph.D.

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Political science students complete 52 credits of major course work

Political science course work within the degree program offered online through Oregon State Ecampus is diverse and covers major topics not just in U.S. politics but in environmental politics and international relations and policy as well.  Courses continue to be added as the field of political science changes. This is a sample of the current major courses available online within political science. Please note: Not all of these courses are offered each term.

Three-to-four credit courses in political science

  • PS 201 - Intro to U.S. Government*
  • PS 204 - Intro to Comparative Politics*
  • PS 205 - Intro to International Relations*
  • PS 206 - Intro to Political Thought*
  • PS 300 - Policy Analysis
  • PS 312 - Presidential Politics
  • PS 314 - Interest Groups
  • PS 315 - Politics and the Media
  • PS 321 - American Constitutional Law (1789-1876)
  • PS 322 - American Constitutional Law (1876-1948)
  • PS 331 - State and Local Government
  • PS 341 - Politics of Western Europe
  • PS 342 - Middle East Politics
  • PS 345 - The Politics of Developing Nations*
  • PS 351 - U.S. Foreign Policy
  • PS 361 - Classical Political Thought*
  • PS 362 - Modern Political Thought*
  • PS 363 - Gender and Race in American Political Thought*
  • PS 374 - Sustainable Living and Policies
  • PS 406/410 - Projects/Internship
  • PS 449 - Topics in Comparative Politics
  • PS 454 - International Organization and Law
  • PS 455 - Politics of Climate Change
  • PS 470/570 - Global Food Politics and Policy
  • PS 475 - Environmental Politics & Policy
  • PS 476 - Science and Policy
  • PS 477 - International Environmental Policy

    Graduate classes
  • PS 555 - Politics of Climate Change
  • PS 575 - Environmental Politics & Policy
  • PS 576 - Science & Politics
  • PS 577 - International Environmental Politics & Policy

    * Denotes bacc core course

Other requirements for the degree

In addition to the above courses, undergraduate majors (those pursuing a bachelor's degree from Oregon State) also complete the baccalaureate core, the College of Liberal Arts core as well as B.A. or B.S. requirements - meaning taking foreign language for a B.A. or science courses for the B.S. Students must complete 180-quarter-term credits of course work in order to earn an Oregon State diploma. Visit the curriculum overview to view the degree requirements for this program.

Oregon State is on a quarter term system

Our courses are held fall, winter, spring and summer and run for 11 weeks each term with finals occurring during the last week. If you have earned credits at an institution that is on semesters, this will impact how your credits may transfer into Oregon State. Visit "Ask Ecampus" for a quick explanation of how a quarter term compares to a semester term.


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