Canvas Faculty Resources - Migration and Beyond


Migration Resources

These are some resources to help you in the initial preparing of your newly-migrated course.

General Canvas Videos

These videos will give you an overview of Canvas and key functions that you will need to be familiar with.

Design Options

Some aspects of your Ecampus course may need to be re-designed when migrating to Canvas. To help you with this, please review  one of the design options documents below. They will assist you in thinking about how you can update or redesign content or activities from your Blackboard course that may behave slightly differently in Canvas or not directly correlate to a Canvas function.

You can also browse this Comparison of Tools to quickly see Blackboard and Canvas features and functionality side-by-side.

Canvas 7/24 Support

Dial 1-844-329-3084 to reach the Canvas Support Hotline or click the 'Help' link in the upper-right corner of your Canvas course site to open an online Chat with Canvas support.   This is a great resource for quick questions!

Ecampus Course Template

The Ecampus course template will be added to all Ecampus courses as part of the migration preparation process.  This template gives you a suggested structure for your course.  It includes a home page with mobile-friendly banner and a start here module with links to university resources available to Ecampus students. You can review the template by going to this site and using the following login credentials:

Password: Ecampus!

From the Courses tab across the top, select 'Ecampus Template'.