Course Development & Faculty Training

Staff within the Ecampus Course Development and Training unit provide the following services for departments and faculty interested in creating and teaching online courses:

QM Course Design

Ecampus is excited to begin a new initiative that seeks to improve student learning experiences and success in online courses by focusing on improving course design, using the independent and research-based Quality Matters (QM) peer review process.

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  • Expertise in state-of-the art methods of teaching online
  • Project management, from development through design, production and delivery, to reduce instructor production time, improve student experience and comply with OSU standards and requirements, including:
    • Researching textbooks and online resources
    • Coordination of multimedia and interactive media production
    • Copyright tracking
    • Document preparation
  • Training, to enable faculty to access and manage course content, including:
    • Blackboard solutions
    • Supplemental website solutions
    • Document accessibility solutions
  • Continuous quality improvement and ongoing relationships with technical experts, to implement Instructional Design best practices.


To learn more about developing a course or program through Oregon State Ecampus, contact Lisa L. Templeton at 541-737-1279.

Hybrid Course Initiative

Ecampus supports the efforts of OSU's Hybrid Course Initiative, which places a focus on the redesign of selected on-campus courses for hybrid delivery. Through this program, the Center for Teaching and Learning provides instructional design services and facilitation of term-long faculty learning communities composed of small groups of faculty who are engaged in hybrid course redesign. For more information on the Hybrid Course Initiative, contact Cub Kahn.