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Tools for Online Teaching: Video Tutorials

Are you thinking about creating some narrated learning modules to add to your online course? Wondering which tool you should use?

The examples below show the same presentation recorded using three different tools. The short presentation involved three PowerPoint slides and a short software demonstration. Which do you find most effective? Strengths, weaknesses, and best use scenarios are noted below each one.

Jing: Sample Presentation



  • 5-minute time limit to recordings
  • No editing function
  • No captioning function

Best Use: This program is ideal for short on-the-fly learning modules, personal feedback to students, or messages to students that require a visual component.

Adobe Presenter: Sample Presentation


  • Easily add narration to PowerPoint
  • Easy to learn to use
  • Table of Contents allows non-linear learning
  • Captioning available


  • All content must appear within PowerPoint
    **Notice in the sample presentation that the software demo is done using screenshots only.

Best Use: This program is ideal for creating high-quality, narrated learning modules using PowerPoint.

**This program is available to use through Ecampus.

Explore the quiz function within Adobe Presenter: Adobe Presenter - Creating Quizzes

Camtasia Studio: Sample Presentation


  • PowerPoint narration and/or screen capture capabilities
  • Robust editing capabilities
  • Can capture live video of presenter, if desired


  • Some learning curve to master screen capture features
  • Relatively expensive

Best Use: This program is ideal for recording longer, narrated learning modules and modules that have special requirements (i.e. screenshare, instructor video, etc.)

**This program is available to use through Ecampus.

Web-Conferencing Tools

Canvas Conferencing Tool -- Canvas has an integrated web conferencing tool that allows you to meet with your students in real-time.  This represents an integration with 'Big Blue Button' conferencing and contains many of the features that you may already be familiar with in other web conferencing tools including video conferencing, chat, and screen-sharing.  Note - Although you can record sessions with the tool in Canvas, those recordings can only be kept for 14 days.

Other Options (fee-based, OSU) - Check with your department at OSU. They can purchase licenses for the following web-conferencing software

OSU Web Conferencing (iLinc)
Adobe Connect

Other Options (free) - Here is a list of free software applications that you can investigate to see if any of them meet your needs.

Here is a review of some of the software that is free.

Other Online Tools

Zoho Notebook is a free, online electronic notebook that can also be used by students or instructors to create online presentations.

Zoho Notebook - Orientation

Course Planning Tools

Course Planning Chart