Careers: Graduate Certificate in Forests and Climate Change – Online

Forests worldwide will be profoundly altered by climate change over the coming century, and the global workforce is in need of professionals who understand the relationship between forests and climate change in order to sustainably manage forest resources.

By earning your Graduate Certificate in Forests and Climate Change, you will be well positioned for a rewarding career that positively impacts the planet. Interest in the interaction between forests and climate change extends across public natural resources management agencies, the forest products industry and academia. The skills and knowledge you acquire in this program will help meet the demand in the job market.

A wealth of career opportunities

Students who earn the forests and climate change certificate can pursue a variety of new professional roles, including:

  • Climate change analyst
  • Conservation ecologist
  • Carbon accounting specialist
  • Climate change educator
  • Adaptation planner
  • Energy finance analyst
  • Climate change policy assessment expert
  • Climate change consultant
  • Research assistant
  • Climate change impacts assessor

The FCC certificate program is also a first step for students who want to pursue a Master of Natural Resources (MNR) online with Oregon State. Your FCC credits can be counted as an area of emphasis in the MNR program.

New federal regulations require institutions to report certain information about educational programs that lead to gainful employment in recognized occupations.


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