Online Foreign Language Courses

Discover the advantages of learning a foreign language online

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected requiring a competitive bilingual workforce.  The World Languages and Cultures Department along with Oregon State Ecampus invite you to discover the flexibility and ease of completing one of nearly 50 language or culture courses online; including a B.A. or minor in German and a B.A. in Spanish.

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Learn why OSU Instructors love teaching online foreign languages to students worldwide.

Choose from these language and culture courses:

Culture only courses:

Completing your foreign language requirements from an accredited university will provide you with a professional advantage setting you apart from the competition.  According to research by the National Security Education Program there are five primary reasons to include a foreign language in your education:

1. Foreign language programs improve students’ overall academic performance.
As a result of their language studies, students have higher SAT-Verbal test scores, ACT test scores, math test scores, and English reading scores.

2. Foreign language programs positively affect students’ intellectual development.   
Those who have studied foreign languages retain the cognitive benefits well into adulthood and old age. Immersion programs in particular increase students’ IQ.

3. Foreign language programs help close the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged students, the learning disabled, and English as a second language learners.
All students, regardless of intelligence or learning disability, can succeed in learning another language and culture.

4. Foreign language programs enhance students’ career opportunities.
The global economy necessitates that students understand other languages and cultures in order to secure the most competitive careers.

5. Foreign language programs provide students the opportunity to explore other cultures and more fully understand their own.
As students learn another language and culture, they begin to evaluate their own ways of thinking and viewing the world.  Students develop an appreciation for themselves and those who are different from them.

To find out when courses are offered and to view the syllabus for each course, please visit the Ecampus schedule of classes.