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Learning about the Jewish culture allows you to come as close as possible to this unique, oldest, and longest written heritage of mankind. An overview of Jewish culture will aid students seeking international opportunities and can only enhance their experience and understanding of the culture, people and country. Any student interested in middle-east history, philosophy, archeology or religious studies would benefit from visiting Israel and seeing first- hand the sights and findings.

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"In the Hebrew courses, I provide two weekly hours of web conferences where students can ask questions, participate and practice speaking Hebrew."

Yael Beged-Dov, Hebrew instructor for Oregon State University

Course learning outcomes:

  • Compare and contrast the roots and current culture of Israeli and American Jews.
  • Explain factors that have helped to create the Israeli culture and the ways in which they are reflected in creative culture.
  • Identify the general causes of the differences in the culture of Israeli Jews and American Jews.
  • Examine the major periods, events, religious practices in Jewish history.
  • Discuss the secret of Jewish survival and what is Jewish culture.
  • Describe the demographic of Israel's society.

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Courses are developed and taught by Oregon State faculty within the Department of World Languages and Cultures. All course material is delivered through multimedia instruction coupled with realistic learning objectives. Learn more about Hebrew instructor, Yael Beged-Dov's innovative teaching approaches that were recently highlighted in a local news article.

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