General Chemistry Semester Sequences

Oregon State University is on a quarter-based academic calendar rather than a semester system. At OSU, students can take classes in summer, fall, winter and spring. The general chemistry three-quarter sequence, CH 121, CH 122 and CH 123 is equivalent to a full year (two semesters) of general chemistry, and many students take this sequence when one year of chemistry is required. 

For students who need just a single semester of general chemistry, Oregon State should be able to meet your needs with the flexibility of completing the first semester of chemistry requirements online. Here's how it works.

General Chemistry 1

For the first semester equivalency of general chemistry students can take two classes online: CH 121 and CH 124.

General Chemistry 1
(1 semester = 1.5 quarters)
CH 121 CH 124
  • Your first OSU term, enroll in CH 121 (5 quarter credits, 11 weeks long).
  • Your second OSU term, enroll in CH 124 (3 quarter credits, 5 weeks long).

This course combination could transfer to a semester school with up to 5.3 semester credits, including online labs.

To register for General Chemistry 1:

Your OSU transcript will show that you took two classes with a total of 8 quarter credits (5.3 semester credits). If you are interested in this option, you should submit these sample syllabi for CH 121 and CH 124 to your advisor for approval prior to enrolling.

Refer to the Schedule of Classes for class details and deadlines.

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One year of general chemistry requirement

For the equivalent of two semesters of general chemistry, students should take three quarters of chemistry online at Oregon State. The three classes that comprise a full year of general chemistry when taken in sequence are: CH 121, CH 122, CH 123.

One year of General Chemistry
(2 semesters = 3 quarters at Oregon State)
CH 121 CH 122 CH 123

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