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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 8, #7
Fall Edition - August 30, 2006

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If you have not yet registered for fall term, you may do so up until the first day of classes (September 25, 2006) without receiving a late fee. To see what courses are still available and the tuition rates for 2006-07, visit the Ecampus home page.

New Courses

Liberal Arts

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MUS 102
Music Apprec. II Survey of Jazz (3)
Explore the historical, sociological and artistic development of America’s musical art form: jazz. Review the first 100 years of jazz from its blues-based roots at the turn of the 20th century to its current eclectic state. (Bacc Core Course)

PHL 312
Asian Thought (4)
Become familiar with key figures in Asian religious ideas and philosophy. Although emphasis will be on the philosophical traditions of Asia, it will quickly become apparent that philosophy and religion are not so easily distinguishable in many Asian traditions. Areas of thought studied will include Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist. (NC) (Bacc Core Course)

PSY 201
Intro to General Psychology (3)
This is the scientific study of behavior and experience including biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, conditioning, learning and memory. Learn more about the science behind thinking, problem solving, language, and consciousness; and cognitive, personal and social development. (SS) (Bacc Core Course)

PSY 470
Psychometrics and Psychological Testing (4)
An introduction to psychological measurement is provided, with emphasis on the notions of reliability and validity; advanced correlational techniques are introduced. These methods are applied to contemporary tests of personality, aptitude, and achievement. (Writing Intensive Course)

SOC 499/599
International Migration in the 21st Century (3)
The primary objective of this course is to provide students with an overview of international migration to the United States from a socio-historic perspective. Immigration continues to be one of the most important forces in American society today often altering racial dynamics, influencing families, putting pressure on education systems, and influencing culture.

WR 222
English Composition
This second level writing course is a study of the structures of written arguments. The subject of this course is writing, but the topic will be the environment. We’ll read three books and discuss the arguments they make. We’ll strive for skillful ways to communicate our own arguments orally and in writing. (Bacc Core Course)

WR 224
Introduction to Fiction Writing
Discussion workshop. Student work examined in context of contemporary published work. (FA) (Bacc Core Course)

Agricultural Sciences

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AG 391
Farm Implements (3)
Learn about power farming implements including operation, maintenance, adjustments, calibration and usage/ Field trips may be required.

AREC 351
Natural Resource Economics and Policy (3)
Apply the principles of economics to identify causes, consequences, and ways of dealing with natural resource problems including issues related to fisheries, forests, water resources, and land. This course covers conceptual topics and policy applications. (Bacc Core Course)

AREC 382
Farm and Ranch Appraisal (3)
This is an introduction to the appraisal of rural real estate including methods of valuing property, different types of appraisals, and preparation and interpretation of an appraisal report. This course is not offered every year.


BA 396
Fundamentals of Marketing Research (4)
This introductory course is designed to provide a basic foundation in the design, techniques, and methods of marketing research. Exercises allows students to view existing data sources (secondary data) to get a glimpse of the wealth of information that is available for U.S. businesses.

Course Highlights


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GEO 350
Population Geography (3)
GEO 350 is a great course for this time in our history! Learn to analyze contemporary global population issues, such as migration and urbanization. Study the social, economic, political and environmental implications of population change. Open to all juniors and seniors; does not require any particular mathematics background. (SS) (Bacc Core Course)


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Anth 240
From Ape to Angel

Where did we really come from? Explore the contrasting views of the origin of Homo sapiens in ANTH 240: From Ape to Angel. Learn also about current research in the relationships between humans and other primates.

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