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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 10, #2

Spring Edition - February 13, 2008

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Registration Information

Spring 2008

Priority registration for Spring term begins February 17, and open registration begins March 10. Also, you can order your textbooks early from the OSU Bookstore to ensure you receive them in time for the start of the term.

Spring term begins March 31.

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New Courses and Program Highlights

Flexible master's program for today's math and science educator

Science and Math Ed

SED Spring 2008 Courses, M.S. Science & Math Education 

Our new M.S. in Science & Math Education has the perfect balance of variety and convenience that math and science educators are looking for to enhance their careers and credentials.  Students can choose from two areas of study: Free-Choice Learning, which focuses on working in a science-related community organization such as a museum or zoo; and School-Based, a program for teachers wanting advanced knowledge in their profession.

Understanding women's role in music history

Women in MusicMUS 102 

This term's Music Appreciation II course will investigate women's early influence in music while discussing the cultural constraints they faced.  Through this experience, instructor Lynette Gottlieb hopes that students "will have a better understanding of music of the past in general, and more specifically, the ways in which women have had an active part in that history."

Geographic knowledge through cultural contexts

Geography of the Non-Western World

GEO 105

This new online course, GEO 105 Geography of the Non-Western World, shows students the significant geographic characteristics of Asia and Africa, including major environmental issues and demographic trends.  According to instructor Cub Kahn, students from all disciplines will benefit from this course, and that it is "particularly applicable to those whose fields of study, and future careers, have a strong international component."

Accepting and learning life's journey

Senior Citizens

SOC 299

Paula Wenell, instructor for SOC 299 Sociology of Death and Dying, says this new online course will "open up communication and the reality of living and the journey to death."  This class also discusses how students can prepare for the medical, social, legal, ethical and practical aspects of accepting and dealing with this part of human life.   

Issues facing modern China

Modern China

ANTH 318

Spring term's ANTH 318 will take a look at the 20th century civilization in the most populated country on Earth.  Peoples of the World-China will outline Chinese culture within the last 100 years and address social change from an anthropological perspective.


Jump into Bacc Core this spring

Along with spring cleaning, Ecampus degree-seeking undergrads should take the time to organize their class schedules by registering for a Baccalaureate Core class this term. You have over 95 online options, including six Writing Intensive Courses (WIC). Choose from PHL 150 Great Ideas in Philosophy, WS 230 Women in the Movies, GEO 307 National Park Geology and Preservation, HST 381 History of Africa and more!

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