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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 10, #4

Summer/Fall Edition - April 30, 2008

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Registration Information

Summer and Fall 2008

Registration for summer term is ongoing. All summer Ecampus online courses begin June 23. Visit the OSU Summer Session website for complete summer term info.

Priority registration for fall term begins May 11, and open registration begins June 9. Fall term starts Sept. 29.

Also, you can order your textbooks early from the OSU Bookstore to ensure you receive them in time for the start of the term.

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New Courses and Program Highlights

Add Business & Entrepreneurship to your degree

New Business Minor

New Minor in Business and Entrepreneurship

Starting this fall, Ecampus undergraduates will have the opportunity to add a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship to their degree to expand their skill set and enhance their resume. The minor focuses on key business basics but adds important curriculum in recognizing business ventures and implementing new ideas.


Complete chemistry and labs without coming to campus

Online Chemistry Courses and LabOnline Chemistry & Lab Courses

With Chemistry as a requirement for many undergraduate degree programs, Ecampus makes it easy for our students to complete the course sequences online. All of the course components for CH 121, 122 and 123 General Chemistry are completed online, including the labs. CH 331 and 332 Organic Chemistry are also available online for pre-professional students pursuing careers in a variety of science and health-related fields. The first courses in the sequence start fall term, allowing students to complete the online courses in one academic year.

Savvy French knowledge for travelers

French for Travelers

FR 121

This new online course, FR 121 Survival French for Students and Travelers, debuts summer term and will be offered all four terms throughout the year. For those making a short trip to France, either for pleasure or study abroad programs, this beginner's course not only teaches you how to carry on casual conversations, but helps you understand French culture and recognize non-verbal cues.

Comparing perspectives of God

The Idea of God

PHL 170

Instructor David Scott Arnold brings his course PHL 170 The Idea of God online this summer term to help give students a historical and cultural worldview of the concept of God. He identifies a course goal as helping students understand the diversity present in spiritual traditions that are different than their own.


Managing prosperous natural resources

Managing Natural Resources

NR 201

NR 201 Managing Natural Resources for the Future, a lower-division course geared toward Ecampus undergrads in any of the natural resources fields, centers its curriculum around maintaining sustainable natural systems for years to come. Instructor Mark Reed hopes "this course will inspire students to want to learn more about natural resources, and to take a more proactive role in facing natural resource challenges that will affect their lives and their children's lives."

Now is the time for Bacc Core

For Ecampus undergraduates, summer and fall terms are ideal times to complete a couple of Bacc Core-required courses. You have over 95 online options, including Writing Intensive Courses (WIC). For summer, try GEO 300 Environmental Conservation and Sustainability or WR 327 Technical Writing. Interesting fall term Bacc Core courses include HDFS 201 Contemporary Families in the U.S. and HST 390 Mideast Women: In Their Own Words.

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