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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 10, #6

Fall Edition - August 20, 2008

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Registration Information

Fall 2008

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Fall term starts September 29.

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New Courses and Program Highlights

Explore new education methods with Free-Choice Learning


Free-Choice Learning

M.S. Science & Mathematics Education - Free-Choice Learning

Designed for professionals working in science centers, museums and nature centers, the online master's in Free-Choice Science or Mathematics Education prepares non-traditional educators to facilitate and support learning across locations and ages. The new and innovative field of Free-Choice Learning gives lifelong learners a chance to take an active role in science, mathematics and technology-focused educational experiences.


Investigating sports off the field

Sports-related coursesEXSS 475 & WS 240

With fall sports and OSU Beaver Football just around the corner, why not take a deeper look into the global love of sport and competition? Trina Kudlacek, instructor for both EXSS 475 Power and Privilege in Sport and WS 240 Women in Sport, hopes that participants in her courses "will develop a more critical approach to sport in their own lives" and understand sport's influence on society as a whole.

The experiences of Muslim women across the globe

Muslim Women

WS 380

This new online course is designed to examine the lives of Muslim women around the world from a variety of perspectives. Instructor Faiza Al-Saaidi said "taking this course will help students learn how a number of factors such as religious, cultural, economic, social and political affected and still affect the lives and experiences of Muslim women."


Understanding ecological policy issues

Ecological Policy

FW 620

As part of the curriculum for the new Fisheries Management online graduate certificate, FW 620 Ecological Policy is geared toward graduate students with career goals in fields such as ecological policy, environmental protection and natural resource management.



Historical look of diversity on the big screen

Ethnicity in Film

ES 452

New this fall, this online course will use both mainstream and independent films to illustrate themes such as "image," "identity" and "representation" in understanding ethnicity in film. The course does not require students to have any previous film study experience and meets OSU's Bacc Core requirements.


Bacc Core for back-to-school

With over 95 online options, including five Writing Intensive Courses (WIC), undergraduates should have no trouble finding fun and interesting courses to meet their Bacc Core requirements. This term try WR 224 Intro to Fiction Writing, GEO 102 The Surface of the Earth, PHL 205 Ethics and ANTH 380 Cultures in Conflict.

Online fall Bacc Core courses

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