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Published by: OSU Extended Campus
Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 12, #6
Fall Edition - September 23, 2010

Announcements and calendar

Welcome back to OSU Extended Campus! Beaver Nation is thriving. Fall term 2010 is beginning and the future is bright.

View the Academic Calendar for fall term 2010 and winter term 2011 for details about deadlines, events and university holidays. Dates to note include:

  • Sept. 27: Most Ecampus online fall courses begin; late registration begins ($50 late fee)
  • Oct. 3: Last day to add a class by Web without department approval
  • Oct. 8: Last day to drop a class by Web; last day to register or add a class by Web with department approval
  • Nov. 14: Registration for winter 2011 term classes begins
  • Jan. 3: Winter 2011 classes begin

You still have time to register for fall 2010 Ecampus online courses. Visit the Ecampus Schedule of Classes to search courses and subjects.

Graduation 2010New Degree Program: Master of Natural Resources - Online

This fall, Oregon State University's top-ranked College of Forestry has collaborated with five OSU colleges, 12 departments, and OSU Ecampus to offer a new online Master of Natural Resources degree online. This 45-credit online program was designed to connect students with university scientists and experts from around the world. Students will study the complex interactions of ecological, economic, ethical and social systems. 

"The Master of Natural Resources degree is designed to meet the needs of all natural resource professionals in the state, federal, and tribal natural resources management agencies, as well as industry, nongovernmental organizations, policy institutions, and international organizations," according to program director Dr. Badege Bishaw, of OSU's nationally ranked College of Forestry.

Courses are currently open for enrollment. For more information about this new online master's degree, and to view admission requirements, please visit the Ecampus Master of Natural Resources Program.

Learn more about this new master's degree online...

OSU Degrees Online

Blackboard Update

New term - new Blackboard.

While it still won't reveal the answers to that biochemistry final, Blackboard Version 9 does have some new functions that can enhance your educational success.

You can connect with others involved with your courses through discussion boards, create or comment on blogs for course assignments and view assignment and final grades.

Learn how to maximize Blackboard's potential so you can stay organized, connected, and earn success this fall. Blackboard has provided a series of online video tutorials that can help you navigate Blackboard Version 9.

Influential advisor

Is There Really a Formula for Success?

Success isn't instant. And until someone figures out how to bottle and sell it like an energy drink, we're going to have to stick with the timely approach of maintaining focus and working towards our goals.

Fortunately, the online Academic Success Center (ASC) exists to help students turn their efforts into positive results and increased knowledge. Here are a few tips to jump-start your fall 2010 term:

  • Download the week-by-week to-do list, " Zero to Success in 77 Days," and keep it near your study station. Some tips on this sheet may be more applicable for on-campus students, but it serves as a good time management guide for working through the term successfully.
  • Don't let small problems early in the term become big problems later in the term. Maintain consistent communication with your advisor and professors.
  • When you have trouble getting started, use the 10-minute rule. Select a specific task, such as three pages of reading or studying for 10 more minutes. Keep working in 10-minute blocks until you are satisfied with what you have done.
  • When you finish studying, do one more thing before you quit. Start another assignment; then you will be ahead when you sit down to study again.
  • Go through the simple Goal Setting exercise the ASC offers and treat goals as promises you make to yourself. Celebrate with little rewards when you reach your goals.

Flat BennyEcampus is Growing - New Programs

Since fall 2009, OSU Extended Campus has continued to grow, adding six new programs and experiencing consistent increases in enrollment.

New online undergraduate degrees:
B.A./B.S. Economics
B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife
B.S. General Horticulture
B.A./B.S. Women Studies

New graduate degrees:
Master's of Natural Resources

New graduate certificates:
Management for Science Professionals

There are also 15 minors available online, including a minor in Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Writing.

So, we are extending many thanks to all of our Ecampus students for their awesome feedback, ideas, and support of every Ecampus degree program we are able to offer. Together, we will continue to spread academic excellence around the world.

All OSU Extended Campus degrees can be found online...

Degree Partnership ProgramMeet your new Ecampus Librarian, Stefanie Buck

Everything you need to know, you can discover in the library. And regardless of where OSU Ecampus students are located, they can learn about the resources Oregon State's Valley Library has to offer by simply contacting new Ecampus Librarian Stefanie Buck.

Stefanie has been with Oregon State since July, 2009. She was appointed to the position of Ecampus librarian last July.

Students can contact the OSU Libraries reference desk or set up a virtual meeting with Stefanie to learn about the library services they have access to, such as:

  • Mailing Services: Students can get books from the library mailed to their home address. To return books, all they need to do is mail them back to the library.
  • Online Resources: Students can access e-books, online journals, and articles from online databases.
  • Scan & Deliver Service: A new service; librarians will scan and mail students journal articles that are only available in paper form.
  • " 1 Search": A new research tool that streamlines the research process; ideal for preliminary topic research.

Stefanie highly encourages students to contact the library for research help, or to reach out to her personally. She will either utilize her background in English, Ethnic Studies, Speech Communication, and New Media Communications to assist Ecampus students, or introduce them to another subject specialist in the library.

"This is the student's library," says Stefanie. "I think it is really important that they know that. It is their library. We are here to answer their questions. And we deliver."

Contact The Valley Library or Stefanie Buck and tap into The Valley Library's educational resources.

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