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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 12, #7

Winter Edition - November 4, 2010

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Important dates and announcements

Registration Information

Winter 2011
Priority registration begins: November 14
Term begins: January 3
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Spring 2011
Priority registration begins: February 20
Term begins: March 28
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New degree programs

New Online Master of Natural Resources Degree

Master of Natural ResourcesAs of fall 2010, Ecampus began offering a Master of Natural Resources (MNR) degree online. This 45-credit interdisciplinary program is ideal for natural resources professionals around the world who are place-bound but desire to pursue further training while continuing their careers.

The Master of Natural Resources program lets students select an area of emphasis and acquire in-depth knowledge on that topic, such as Sustainable Resources, Fisheries Management, Water Conflict Management, or Geographic Information Science, which are all currently Ecampus graduate certificates. Students can work with their Graduate Advisory Committees to develop custom-designed programs as well.

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  New courses and program highlights

I'm an Animal. You're an Animal, Too. FW 475 - Wildlife Behavior

sealIt's good to know we humans aren't the only self-obsessed beings on the planet. Have a little fun with animal voyeurism and study the adaptive significance of egocentric and social behavior of wildlife species. This course also explores the implications of behavior in sound management practice.

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Take on the Global Economy with ECON 340 - International Economics

global currencyDespite these dismal economic times, hope remains that new leaders will help right the world's economic woes.

While providing an overview of international economics, ECON 340 instructor Ayça Tekin-Koru says course curriculum will employ formal economic modeling that will strongly emphasize 'real-world' relevance and policy questions that are in-line with the wave of recent applied research that has tested existing theories.

"Students who master this material will be able to critically evaluate the case for free trade and discover effective responses to global economic issues and problems," says Tekin-Koru. "These skills are most wanted by organizations involved in international trade issues. The time is ripe to integrate fresh perspectives and current topics into the study of international economics."

Prerequisites: ECON 201 and ECON 202 

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Ms. Magazine Gives Props to Women Studies Program

Women's Studies

Oregon State's Women Studies program received some well-deserved ink in the fall issue of Ms. Magazine. In fact, OSU's Kryn Freehling-Burthon and Susan M. Shaw, both of the Women Studies department, co-authored the article, which highlighted the program's progressive course topics and online offerings through OSU Extended Campus. 

"Having an article about online women's studies degrees in Ms. Magazine is significant because it highlights the growing interest in women's studies as an academic discipline," says Shaw, Women Studies Program Director. "The article is great publicity for OSU, and we hope that it attracts new interest from prospective students.

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Psyched over Conservation? Take PSY 492 - Conservation Psychology


This new upper-level course examines the connection between human behavior and achievement of conservation goals. Because understanding how people think about and interact with nature is crucial for promoting and achieving environmental sustainability and human well-being, students will examine theory and research on human cognitive, emotional, and behavioral response to nature.

Prerequisites: PSY 201 and PSY 202 are required for this course.

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Explore Your Roots with HST 369 - Immigration to the U.S. Since 1880

Immigration to the U.S.

Explore 'where America came from' in this writing-intensive course, which satisfies WIC requirements for Liberal Studies. HST 369 explores the history of immigrants to the U.S. after 1880, focusing on the experience of immigrants and their children in the U.S. in the context of the history of U.S. immigration policy.

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Looking for more winter courses?

Whether you need a Bacc Core course or an interesting elective, Ecampus has many new or recently updated online courses to choose from this winter.

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