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Spring 2015  •  February 26, 2015

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Registration for Oregon State's spring term is underway, so put your dreams about spring break on hold for a moment and look at the calendar to find out when it's your turn to register.

This newsletter highlights some of the newest, most engaging courses delivered online by OSU Ecampus, with hundreds more to choose from on our schedule of classes.

And don't forget: Spring classes begin March 30.

A rolleiflex camera  

A deep look at photos, long before the selfie

ART 264 – Photography: History, Technology, Culture and Art

In addition to analyzing some of history's most well known and influential photographers, this bacc core course utilizes weekly videos from the lab and field as well as weekly lectures to help students firmly grasp the weekly topic. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the history of photography, how culture impacted photography and view photographs of selected artists.

Download the sample syllabus.

  Marine scientist

Modern marine issues with an interactive twist

PPOL 548 – Marine Policy in the United States

Here's a highly interactive course that will help you understand the main objectives and ultimate choices of U.S. marine policy in a historical context while focusing on the present. Course activities include game-show style review activities, role-playing and case studies of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig blowout and the Massachusetts Cape Wind offshore alternative energy development.

Download the sample syllabus.

Berlin graffiti  

Become your own German travel agent

GER 329 – Selected Topics in Literature and/or Culture

Using the German language, students will plan, budget and research a trip around Germany, creating their own custom travel guide and learning about the culture and history of their chosen destinations. This class draws on tourist resources and guidebooks and shares instructor Ludmila Schuster Provaznikova's passion for the country and its beautiful, lesser-known regions.

Download the sample syllabus.

  Welcome to the future of public health - OSU sign

An inside look at how health care operates

H 436 – Advanced Topics in Health Care Management

Perhaps no issue in America is as widely debated as health care, but this class goes beyond the rhetoric to take a detailed look at the inner workings of health care organizations. How do they adapt to the changing world? What makes an effective health care leader and which processes are implemented to improve patient safety? You'll cover these topics and more under the guidance of instructor Nancy Seifert.

Download the sample syllabus.

An image of a forest lake  

How do you manage a massive playground?

FES 251 – Recreation Resource Management

This 4-credit course examines the multitude of land and water resources used for outdoor recreation. You and your classmates will consider the ecological impacts of outdoor recreation and how natural, historical and cultural resources can be sustainably managed. You'll also be introduced to various agencies and contemporary management approaches for addressing topics such as satisfaction, crowding and conflict.

  Two tadpoles in a hand

Internal makeup key for external success

Z 423 – Environmental Physiology

Through mini-lectures, readings and active learning opportunities that include both discussion and problem solving, students will explore how physiology allows animals to function in and respond to the specific needs of their natural habitats. Selected study topics include thermoregulatory strategies, flexibility of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system adaptations.

Download the sample syllabus.

A survey  

Understanding the science of surveys

ST 439/539 – Survey Methods

Students will come out of this engaging course with an entirely new skill set in survey design. You will spend time critiquing surveys, learning to write survey questions, recognizing how to reduce survey error, and developing skills in designing surveys and collecting data to apply to any discipline.

Download the sample syllabus.

  A women looking at a city

Study abroad this summer

Experience the world on a life-changing study abroad program this summer. The Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) and OSU Summer Session offer a series of two- or three-week excursions that are led by Oregon State faculty.

These trips provide international and cultural learning opportunities you'll never forget. Locations include Canada, China, Greece and Perú. Applications are due March 15, so apply today.

The Canadian economy, society and culture trip has a prerequisite course (PS 499/599 and SOC 499/599) offered this spring. Ecampus students who commit to being a part of the trip can attend the class virtually. Students must participate every Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. using Adobe Connect. To make arrangements, please contact Dwaine Plaza.

(PLEASE NOTE: Ecampus students who register for this campus-based class are subject to additional campus fees and possible nonresident tuition costs.)

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Whether you need a bacc core course or an extra elective, Ecampus offers plenty of new and updated online courses for spring term. And don't forget to order your textbooks early from the OSU Beaver Store to receive them before the term starts.


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