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Welcome to Course Flash for fall term, 2006. Many courses still have available seats; please check our website and Schedule of Classes for additional course and program information.

Registration is ongoing for summer and fall terms. Summer term begins June 26.
Fall term September 25.

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New Fall Courses

AG 391
Farm Implements (3)

Power farming implements including operation, maintenance, adjustments, calibration and use are covered. Field trips may be required.

AREC 351
Natural Resource Economics and Policy (3)

Application of principles of economics to identify the causes, consequences, and ways of dealing with natural resource problems, including problems associated with fisheries, forests, water resources, and land. Conceptual topics and policy applications. (Bacc Core Course)

AREC 382
Farm and Ranch Appraisal (3)

An introduction to appraisal of rural real estate, including methods of valuing property, different types of appraisals, and preparation and interpretation of an appraisal report. Not offered every year.

BA 396
Fundamentals of Marketing Research (4)

Introduction to the fundamentals of market research. Provides a basic understanding of marketing research and relevant decisions in the process.

FOR 445
Ecological Restoration (4)

Ecological aspects of fire in forest, rangeland, and other ecosystems. Topics include fire history, behavior and effects, plus social considerations. Case studies and special topics also included.

MUS 102
Music Apprec. II Survey of Jazz (3)

A study of the masterworks of a single era (such as Baroque, Baroque, classic, romantic, twentieth century) or a genre (such as orchestra, chamber, opera, musical theatre). Course may be repeated for credit. See Schedule of Classes for topic being offered. For non-majors. (Bacc Core Course)

PHL 312
Asian Thought (4)

Familiarizes students with key figures in the history of Asian religious ideas and philosophy. Areas of thought studied will include Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist. (NC) (Bacc Core Course)

PSY 201
Intro to General Psychology (3)

Scientific study of behavior and experience. Biological bases of behavior; sensation and perception; conditioning, learning and memory; thinking, problem solving, language, and consciousness; cognitive, personal and social development. (SS) (Bacc Core Course)

PSY 470
Psychometrics and Psychological Testing (4)

An introduction to psychological measurement is provided, with emphasis on the notions of reliability and validity; advanced correlational techniques are introduced. These methods are applied to contemporary tests of personality, aptitude, and achievement. (Writing Intensive Course)

SOC 499/599
International Migration in the 21st Century (3)

The primary objective of this course is to provide students with an overview of international migration to the United States from a socio-historic perspective. Immigration continues to be one of the most important forces in American society today often altering racial dynamics, influencing families, putting pressure on education systems, and influencing culture.

WR 222
English Composition

Continued practice in expository writing with an emphasis on argumentation and research. (Bacc Core Course)

WR 224
Introduction to Fiction Writing

Discussion workshop. Student work examined in context of contemporary published work. (FA) (Bacc Core Course)

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