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Welcome to Course Flash for Spring term 2005. Many courses still have available seats; please check our website and Schedule of Classes for additional course and program information.

Early registration is ongoing now - Open registration begins March 9.

Spring term starts March 28, 2005.

Course Flash News

- New Certificate in GIScience

The applications for GIScience are nearly unlimited, and now you can get a Professional Certificate in this field through Ecampus. Visit the GIScience page for more information. In addition to the new Geosciences courses listed below, many more courses in Geo can be found on our online Schedule of Classes section.

- Online Minor in Political Science Now Available

Ecampus now offers a minor in Political Science completely online. Many of the courses touch on environmental issues, making this a great addition to the transcripts of those students pursuing Environmental Sciences or Natural Resources degrees. See the PS courses below and others on the online Schedule of Classes.

New Spring Courses

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ANTH 370
Family, Gender, and Generation (3)family

This course offers a cross-cultural approach to understanding social roles in the life-cycle, gender, and kinship relations. It deals with issues such as birthing, child abuse, delinquency, gender, marriage and divorce, successful aging, and coping with death. PREREQ: ANTH 110 or completion of social processes and institutions requirement. (SS) (Writing Intensive Course)

CH 332
Organic Chemistry (4)

Need Organic Chem for your degree? Now you can take it online. This course covers aliphatic and aromatic chemistry, and introduces you to nomenclature, mechanism and synthesis. Must be taken in order. PREREQ: One year of college chemistry, CH 331. Lec/rec.

GEO 323
Climatology (4)

What is behind the term “climate”? Learn about the systematic analysis of global and regional climates, and study the physical principles of climate, climate classifications, and distribution and characteristics of climate regimes. PREREQ: GEO 101 and GEO 202. Lec/lab.

geese and lakeGEO 329
Geography of the United States and Canada (3)

Study the cultural, economic, political, and settlement geography of the US and Canada. Emphasis of the course will be on regional patterns and problems, and analysis of recent and projected changes in geography. (Bacc Core Course)

GEO 380
Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest (3)

Study earthquake hazards in the Pacific Northwest and what is being done to reduce the potential risk of damage at state, local and the personal level. (Bacc Core Course).

H 434/534
Health Care Law and Regulation (3)

Learn about the legal aspects of health care delivery, including tort law and its applications, professional liability and liability insurance, laws relative to health care institutions, cost controls, antitrust and access. This course is part of the Health Care Administration Graduate Certificate program at OSU. (Visit /online-degrees/ and select Health Care on left side bar for more information.) PREREQ: Admission to Health Care Administration program. (Writing Intensive Course for undergraduate level.)

HST 350
Modern Latin American (3)

Study Latin American history up to and after Spanish and Portuguese conquest, covering the period from 1400 to 1810. The focus will be on indigenous American, European and African cultures and religions under colonial government and economic systems.

PS 477/577
International Environmental Politics and Policy (4)

Solving global environmental problems such as climate change, ozone depletion and overfishing will require nations to cooperate. This course will examine whether recent international agreements and institutions have made much difference by exploring concepts in international relations theory. (Note: This is a four credit course as of spring 2005.) PREREQ: PS 205 or instructor approval.

SOC 454beach
Leisure and Culture (3)

Explore the concept of leisure and the value it holds in society. When did leisure activities become more attractive and acceptable to society, versus the notion that leisure was sinful and a waste of productive time? Study the historical and cultural relationship between human leisure and the natural environment.

WS 299
Women in Sport (3)

What are the current and historical issues affecting women’s involvement in sport? This course will explore women as participants, spectators, and employees of sports institutions. Explore the intersection of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability and their impact upon women’s participation in sport. No prerequisites.

Spring Course Highlights

ALS 114
Career Decision Making (2)

Discover the interests, skills, personality traits, and values that make you who you are and connect those to the world of work. Learn decision-making steps to assess yourself, investigate career options in detail, become familiar with critical tools for career exploration, and take steps towards implementing your academic and career goals.

GEO 307
National Park Geology and Preservation (3)

Learn about the diverse aspects of geology that are preserved in our national parks, as well as the history of US national parks and the “national park idea.” Students will be exposed to national park geology through plate tectonics, a framework that has revolutionized thinking in Earth Science.

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