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5 ways success coaches support online computer science students

A student in a gray hoodie sits in front of a desktop monitor, on a call with an Ecampus success coach. The student also has a laptop open to the left, displaying an OSU Ecampus computer science course.

How personalized success coaching helps OSU Ecampus computer science students succeed

By Carly Johansen

Whether you enroll in Oregon State University’s online bachelor’s program in computer science or our accelerated postbaccalaureate program, you can be sure you’re choosing one of the best. From world-class instructors to cutting-edge coursework and a diverse set of peers from around the globe, we at Oregon State Ecampus strive to deliver an experience all our own.

Above all, students who’ve pursued a top-ranked computer science degree online from Oregon State share one key factor in their success: a solid support network.

We take that to heart. We’ve made it our mission to provide a support system that makes a difference for every online computer science student. And it starts with success coaches.

More than 95% of Ecampus students who partner with a success coach report feeling more prepared

As an OSU Ecampus computer science student, you’ll have access to a team of success coaches who know you, give personalized advice and will help you craft a customized plan to achieve your academic goals.

Here’s how this partnership works in practice:

Five impacts Ecampus student success coaching will have on you

  1. You’ll gain new perspective.

    Coaches help you work through challenges in the online computer science program through knowledge gained from past student experiences and self-reflection. When given the space to talk through challenges and share victories, you’ll learn so much about yourself.

  2. Your work with a coach is personalized for you.

    Each meeting with a success coach is one-on-one, and you decide what you’ll talk about and which challenges you’d like to tackle. Coaches will give you strategies for success that are based on your roadblocks, skills and interests. Moreover, a coach works with you to practice and grow your new success toolkit.

  3. It’ll help you thrive.

    With success coaches who know the ins and outs of the online computer science program including unique tools, events and resources, you’ll be poised for success. Add in the collaboration between your coach and your computer science advisor, and you’ve got a support team you can count on.

  4. You’ll see a difference.

    Each term, we survey students who have met with a success coach to see how we did. Because we’re constantly striving to make our services worth your time and our effort. The results? More than 95% of Ecampus students who partner with a success coach report feeling more prepared and plan to collaborate with a coach again in the future.

  5. You can access a coach quickly and easily.

    When you enroll in Oregon State’s online computer science program, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule your first coaching session. After that, you can schedule a 20- or 40-minute session with your coach through the Ecampus website.

As an Oregon State student studying computer science online, you’ll network with students from around the globe who all have one thing in common: a drive to succeed in the classroom and impact the world around them. And with the dedicated support of your Ecampus success coach, you can rest assured that on your journey to graduation, you’ll always have someone to lean on.

Get more information about earning your bachelor’s degree in computer science online with Oregon State.

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