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Seeking a fresh start, dad drops job as a chemist, pursues his passion

Seeking a fresh start, dad drops job as a chemist, pursues his passion

After several years working as a chemist in various labs in three different states, Ato Jackson-Kuofie reached the point where he wanted more out of his career.

Ato Jackson-Kuofie shares why he picked the Ecampus computer science program to improve his career.

More specifically, he wanted a new one.

It’s a dilemma countless professionals face. They decide their career is no longer satisfying or doesn’t provide the desired stability. Coming to that conclusion is hard enough, but it takes even more courage to act on it and wipe the slate clean.

And did we mention that Ato made this decision while raising two toddler girls and that his family was about to move across the country?

The timing wasn’t ideal, but it never is when you want to switch careers. Thanks to unwavering family support and a new postbaccalaureate computer science program offered online at Oregon State, Ato jumped in feet first.

“While I was in the employment sector prior to attending Oregon State, I didn’t have any formal computer education and only dabbled in it,” he said. “The OSU computer science degree gives me that formal education to transition into a field where I have a passion.”

Students in the Ecampus program can earn a second bachelor’s degree in computer science in as little as one year. That’s the accelerated track Ato chose. He studied online while he took care of his two young girls and his wife worked full time.

It was challenging, but one year later he was on the Oregon State campus to receive his diploma. Months after that, he landed his first job in the computing industry.

That’s the definition of a well-executed plan.

“Earning a new degree online from Ecampus allows me to tell my children that no matter what path you take, you don’t have to be tied down to a situation that you have no desire for,” he said. “You can always seek a new dream.”

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