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Inclusivity at Oregon State isn’t up for debate. It’s a commitment.

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By the Ecampus student success team

At Oregon State University, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive learning environment for all of our students – including those who study online.

As a way to continue to promote positive engagement and experiences among our students, Oregon State is now requiring new students to complete a course, Creating an Inclusive Community (CIC), that focuses on diversity and inclusion.

The course is designed to welcome all students to the Oregon State community and to help them learn how OSU values and celebrates diversity in its many forms.

What is the course all about?

Creating an Inclusive Community is a short, online course delivered through Canvas, OSU’s learning management system.

The purpose of CIC is to create a dialogue around the importance of being inclusive to all, such as respecting others’ viewpoints and experiences, and using active listening skills to learn more about fellow students and their perspectives.

CIC is part of a series of courses designed to support student success, including a course that covers topics of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment.

These courses offer a unique opportunity to learn from and engage with ideas and concepts that might be unfamiliar or uncomfortable at first.

At Oregon State Ecampus, we’re committed to work together to expand our community’s understanding of the multiple perspectives and viewpoints that are represented both on campus and online.


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