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Faculty Spotlight: Building a network for student success

By Carly Johansen
October 6, 2020

There’s a big team of people at Oregon State that makes it possible for us to deliver classes online and for students to have the support and materials they need to learn.

One of those people is James Howard, the manager of academic materials for the OSU Beaver Store. Part of his job is to make Oregon State Ecampus course materials easy to access for our students, no matter their location. He’s an award-winning Oregon State Ecampus campus partner, and he’s not the only one at OSU. Ecampus has a network of 1,000+ faculty and staff partners across the entire university landscape.

At Oregon State, we’re focused on high-quality education. Collaborators like James allow us to make sure students are confident at the beginning of each term by ensuring they have the course materials they need on day one. Our Open Educational Resources Unit works with James and OSU faculty to source, adopt, adapt and author openly licensed materials in an effort to lower the cost of quality content for Oregon State students. Course materials are just the start, though.

We equip our online students with access to an abundance of support options ranging from Ecampus success coaching to university resources like academic and mental health counseling, financial aid consultation and help finding a job after graduation.

Because, at Oregon State, student success is our top priority. When you contact us, we’ll answer. You’ll get a person like James on the other end, knowledgeable and eager to help.

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