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Oregon State unveils program online to benefit college-level educators

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University is responding to the needs of higher education professionals by launching an 18-credit graduate certificate online in university teaching this winter.

Oregon State’s Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching is a flexible program designed to meet higher education professionals at their current skill level and help them enhance their teaching abilities. Developed by OSU’s Graduate School, the certificate is delivered entirely online by OSU Ecampus, a national leader in distance education.

“As new technology emerges and the demographics of student populations change, this program will help colleagues refine their skills,” said Jessica White, certificate director and an instructor in OSU’s College of Science. “Through certificate coursework they will experience the latest research in college teaching and learning, explore innovations like the flipped classroom and other strategies to address recent shifts in class sizes and composition.”

This graduate certificate benefits a multitude of education professionals. The curriculum offers professional development for tenure track faculty or adjunct faculty seeking to advance their careers, and it can help ease the transition of a newly hired faculty member into the world of research and teaching.

Graduate students competing for highly sought graduate teaching assistant (GTA) or graduate research assistant (GRA) positions can stand out with this certificate. Studies show that graduate assistants can become better researchers and write better grant proposals through teaching. And having this certificate on their résumés will distinguish themselves post-graduation as they pursue professional careers.

The cognitive learning theories covered in this program are applicable for teaching adult learners in a variety of higher education settings. Student affairs professionals, library scientists and residence life personnel will benefit from the knowledge and skills needed to establish and evaluate learning outcomes.

“Our instructors expect to mentor participants with a wide range of experiences, expertise and motivations for pursuing this certificate,” White said. “Our courses and assignments are structured in such a way that people can approach them from where they’re at professionally and what they need to get out of the program.”

To further personalize the learning experience, the program facilitates internships in settings that align with a participant’s individual career aspirations. They can apply the skills and concepts they are learning directly to their own unique settings.

The program will be taught by a multidisciplinary team of instructors from various geographic locations. The faculty includes a professor from a small private college, a community college, a large public university in an urban setting, and the retired director of Oregon State’s adult education program.

The program launches this winter term, and the application deadline is Dec. 5. Visit the program website at for details.

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