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Faculty Spotlight: Online French classes with a side of compassion

By Carly Johansen
August 4, 2020

Meet Ana-Maria M’Enesti, French instructor, compassionate student ally and award-winning Oregon State Ecampus partner. Ana-Maria takes the time to get to know the students in her online French classes, and they say they get to know her, too.

They often share that they can tell she cares about their personal well-being, not just what happens in their online classroom. Instructors like Ana-Maria help make Ecampus a space where thousands of students feel they belong and the home of dozens of top-ranked degrees online.

Just like her, our team at Ecampus consistently goes above and beyond for those enrolled in our programs. When students call or email, they reach an enrollment services specialist, not a pre-recorded message. If they stumble or fall, we’re there to pick them back up with student support from all angles.

We know that sometimes, life can get in the way of the goals we set for ourselves, but that doesn’t stop us from giving it our all. We hope it doesn’t stop you either.

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