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Virtual career center ’empowers students’ with the info they need

Editor’s note: A version of this article was initially published by uConnect.

Career Hub brings comprehensive services to Oregon State online students and alumni across the globe

Oregon State University Ecampus, a national leader in online education, offers invaluable resources to thousands of current students and alumni through a virtual career center.

In collaboration with uConnect, makers of the first all-in-one virtual career center, Oregon State Ecampus built the Ecampus Career Hub, an online career services platform designed with Ecampus students in mind.

On the virtual career center platform, career resources, opportunities, events and information are brought from all over Oregon State and beyond into one user-friendly and highly accessible online space. Now students and their advisors do not need to search across different websites, portals and offices for the right information. All things career-focused and various support options are now located in one place.

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The Oregon State Ecampus Career Hub features OSU career resources, job listings and events. You can also browse career advice from leading publishers like The Muse and Indeed, as well as view real-time job data.

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“Getting support with exploration and engagement for decision making is critical to our online learners’ persistence and motivations for getting a degree,” says Kyle Whitehouse, assistant director of student services at OSU Ecampus. “Our virtual career center empowers students with information that they need, wherever they may be or whenever they may want it.  We’re putting the tools in their hands that allow for informed decision-making and action-taking, and that has an immense impact on the success of our students.”

Oregon State Ecampus provides access to exceptional learning experiences that transform the lives of students in Oregon and around the world. OSU Ecampus delivers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs online and in a hybrid format.

Ecampus students have always had access to career resources and support through Oregon State’s Career Development Center. The majority of Ecampus students, however, are working adults returning to education after time in the workforce, military, or raising families; with different needs than on-campus students.

Additionally, with students located in all 50 states and all over the globe, Ecampus students needed fully online access to comprehensive career services — available anytime, anywhere.

News, advice, resources, labor market data, job opportunities, professional organizations, career videos and more are not only aggregated in the virtual career center, they are also carefully curated into “communities.” These online spaces are dedicated to a particular career path, such as health and wellness; career development action such as building a cover letter; or identity affiliations such as first-generation student.

The communities make it incredibly easy for students to find the resources and opportunities specifically related to their unique interests and affinities, without needing to wade through irrelevant information.

“We’re putting the tools in their hands that allow for informed decision-making and action-taking, and that has an immense impact on the success of our students.”

Much of the content on the virtual career center is pulled directly in from external sources, including from Handshake for jobs, events, and employers; Emsi for live and filterable labor market data; and content providers such as The Muse and WayUp for news and advice.

The open-access nature of the virtual career center makes it a significant asset in recruitment; prospective students can visit the virtual center to explore the wealth of career development activity that would become available to them if they choose to enroll.

Additionally, Ecampus alumni are invited to leverage the virtual career center long after they graduate, to find support in making career shifts or to engage with the Ecampus network. Now, Ecampus students and graduates across the globe will have access to information about events in their area or online through the OSU Alumni Association – forming connections at the click of a button.

“The OSU Ecampus team is doing something that all institutions serving online and adult learners must do – delivering career services to these students that are tailored, relevant, and 100% available online,” says David Kozhuk, Founder and CEO of uConnect. “We are very proud to be supporting the work of a team leading the charge on this front.”

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