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Religious studies online program puts Oregon State in rare company

New bachelor’s degree emphasizes the academic study of religions

A Buddhist temple, part of the focus of Oregon State's religious studies online degree program. The temple is ornately designed with vibrant gold, red, blue, green and white statues and designs.

The new online bachelor’s program in religious studies will give distance learners the opportunity to dissect the relationship between religion and society and how they affect diversity, civility and social justice.

By Tyler Hansen

Someone who wants to earn a religious studies degree online doesn’t have many options when it comes to programs that focus on the academic study of world religions.

Thanks to Oregon State University, students not only have a new option to consider, but they can also do it while enrolled with one of the nation’s best providers of online education.

Oregon State recently launched a bachelor’s degree in religious studies that is available 100 percent online, making it one of the only programs of its kind in the country due to its comparative analysis of world religions, traditions and their impact on past civilizations to modern day.

Rather than teach religion and theology as many similar programs do, this new offering will guide students as they delve into the relationship between religion and society and how they affect diversity, civility and social justice. The program develops and applies the skills of critical humanistic thinking to religion and the religious experience.

Interdisciplinary religious studies curriculum with life-changing learning outcomes

Delivered entirely online by Oregon State Ecampus – the university’s top-ranked provider of distance education – the religious studies coursework will impart a distinctive breadth of knowledge in Asian and Eastern religions, with faculty specializing in Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese religions.

Graduates will leave the program with a heightened sense of global understanding, their responsibilities as citizens, empathy for others, and enhanced critical skills in reasoning and writing.

The religious studies bachelor’s program is offered by Oregon State’s College of Liberal Arts, which recently was ranked as America’s No. 1 university when it comes to delivering a high-quality liberal arts education online.

About Oregon State University Ecampus: As a leader in online education, Oregon State Ecampus provides access to exceptional learning experiences that transform the lives of students in Oregon and around the world. OSU Ecampus delivers more than 50 bachelor’s and graduate programs and over 1,200 classes online and in a hybrid format. Oregon State consistently ranks among the nation’s best providers of online education. Learn more about OSU degrees online at


  • I’m looking for art and religion classes. Are the arts apart of this program?

  • Olivia, Ecampus enrollment services specialist says:

    There are not specific arts classes that are within the major, but you can always take art courses as electives.

    I would recommend reaching out to the College of Liberal Arts who offers this degree to see if they have more information about what art coursework is included. They are available for preadmissions advising at

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