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Seven Oregon State Instructors Commended with Ecampus Awards

Student choice, innovation, appreciation awards presented at 2024 Faculty Forum

By Carly Johansen


The 8th annual Oregon State University Ecampus Awards have acknowledged seven outstanding faculty partners who have a hand in the creation of online learning environments that are both innovative and meaningful for Oregon State’s distance students.

Perseverance in the pursuit of innovation is what makes Ecampus a national leader in online education, and this year’s awardees embody that commitment.

Innovation awards

Alyssa DuVal smiles at the camera wearing a dark gray shirt under a dusty orange cardigan.

Alyssa DuVal, College of Agricultural Sciences

June Worley smiles gently wearing a blue and white patterned blouse under a black blazer.

June Worley, College of Engineering












The Ecampus Innovation Awards recognize innovation in online courses in the fields of design, pedagogy and media development. This year, two Oregon State faculty members were presented with Ecampus Innovation Awards.

Alyssa DuVal in the College of Agricultural Sciences was granted the first 2024 Ecampus Innovation Award, for her impressive work in developing a number of crop science and horticulture courses that reflect creativity in pedagogy. Alyssa brings authenticity to online learning through elements of student choice throughout her courses. Through the use of scaffolded group projects, innovative online discussion and interactive media elements, students are guided to connect with peers and instructor alike from day one of their courses.

June Worley in the College of Engineering is the recipient of the second 2024 Ecampus Innovation Award, for her development of a number of innovative online engineering courses. June’s courses build learning around authentic real-world problems and incorporate social and active learning strategies. Further, we recognize and appreciate that June models this innovative spirit when guiding new instructors in her program. Her work clearly advances quality online learning at OSU.

Appreciation awards

Ingrid Skoog smiles warmly wearing a white top under a black cardigan.

Ingrid Skoog, College of Health

Keith Raab smiles wearing a black polo and thick, black-rimmed glasses.

Keith Raab, Office of Financial Aid












The Ecampus Appreciation Awards recognize outstanding campus partners who have worked with Ecampus to make a substantial, positive impact on online programs and students. This year, two OSU faculty members received Ecampus Appreciation awards.

Ingrid Skoog in the College of Health received one of the 2024 Ecampus Appreciation Award, in recognition of her partnership with Ecampus as the coordinator of online education for the College of Health. Ingrid provides proactive program management in ensuring that new online faculty and GTAs receive foundational teaching training, getting all online sections prepared for the start of the term and launching new course developments and re-developments seamlessly. Her partnership has been vital in ensuring that the online programs and courses offered through the college remain robust and of high quality.

Keith Raab in the Office of Financial Aid was the second recipient of the 2024 Ecampus Appreciation Award, for his collaboration on initiatives that support OSU’s growing online degree-seeking student population. He has been a critical partner and advisor on strategies that have helped increase aid available to Ecampus students. This work has spanned forming collaborative fund-matching scholarships, administering hardship grants, extending aid to military students and expanding the overall amount of institutional aid given to continuing Oregonian students who learn online.

Student choice awards

The 2024 Ecampus Excellence in Online Teaching and Student Engagement Awards recognized three faculty members who exemplify excellence in online teaching and student engagement, as determined by current online student nominations.

This year, over 300 students nominated nearly 180 faculty members for this award.

Sun Young Kim smiles gently in front of flowery greenery, wearing a green sweater.

Sun Young Kim, College of Liberal Arts

Danielle smiles gently wearing a black Oregon State polo.

Danielle Safonte, College of Engineering

Lindsay Andrews smiles warmly wearing a black blouse.

Lindsay Andrews, College of Education












The 2024 Ecampus Excellence in Online Teaching and Student Engagement Awards went to Sun Young Kim in the College of Liberal Arts, Danielle Safonte in the College of Engineering and Lindsay Andrews in the College of Education.

Sun Young Kim was commended for creating Korean courses that are welcoming and engaging for students attempting to learn a language for the first time. Students say that Sun Young greets each lecture with enthusiasm and takes the time to connect with each student’s personal motivations for language learning. One student nomination said, “Never before this class did I think I would be able to learn another language, and now, I am looking forward to studying in South Korea in the summer because of the guidance and great teaching from Professor Kim.”

Danielle Safonte was extolled for her commitment to challenging students’ intellectual limits while offering them the resources they need to succeed. Danielle strikes a balance in her coursework at the threshold of challenge and support that transcends the boundaries of her online classroom. One student nomination read, “Long after completing her course, the lessons I learned from Dr. Safonte continue to influence my professional and personal life.”

Lindsay Andrews was lauded for her superior communication and enthusiastic support of her students. One nomination statement said, “She reassured me throughout the term that I was doing great and provided strategies to help me manage my time and course work. I genuinely felt she cared about my success in the course.”

From left, Danielle Safonte, Alyssa DuVal, Lindsay Andrews, June Worley, Keith Raab, Ingrid Skoog, Sun Young Kim

2024 Quality Matters honorees

We also would like to recognize Oregon State faculty members whose Ecampus courses were recently certified or recertified by the Quality Matters organization. QM is the gold standard in online course design, and we’re proud to honor these instructors who went the extra mile to ensure excellence in their online classes:

  • Tim Alcon, College of Engineering, for CS 162
  • Stephen Rust, College of Liberal Arts for FILM 145
  • Shalynn Pack, College of Agricultural Sciences for FW 209
  • Jennifer Wilby, College of Engineering for IE 584
  • Meta Landys, College of Agricultural Sciences for BI 311
  • Scott Ables, College of Liberal Arts for HST 101

QM focuses on the design of online and hybrid classes, as opposed to the delivery or content of the courses.

To discover how Oregon State faculty members develop award-winning online learning experiences, connect with the Ecampus staff and explore the support resources available to you.

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