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Exploring the world of teaching online

Getting started as an Ecampus instructor

With the support of the Oregon State Ecampus multimedia team, students gain access to immersive learning materials from video lectures to virtual and augmented reality experiences.

By Julie Cooper

Instructors, you’ve got the expertise. And the Oregon State spirit is drawn to the leading edge.

That ambition has led many faculty partners – more than 1,000 annually – to bring their teaching expertise to online education to allow for an expanded reach.

Through Oregon State University Ecampus, instructors provide learners across the globe with access to the high-quality courses and programs they’ve come to expect from the nationally renowned online education program.

Learn what Oregon State faculty and Ecampus staff recommend to first-time online instructors who are ready to begin their collaboration with Ecampus.

Setting the standard for online education

Though skepticism still exists about the efficacy of online learning, Ecampus instructors are confident in their ability to deliver enriching courses.

“Online learning can be as rigorous as on-campus learning. It just depends on the developer and the instructor,” says Ean Ng, an assistant professor of mechanical, industrial and manufacturing engineering research and the lead of the Ecampus M.Eng. in Engineering Management program. “Take advantage of what we have in Ecampus and set the tone for the field.”

While instructors and their departments build the curriculum, Ecampus assists in course design, development and delivery; program budgeting; marketing and more in order to create a seamless transition into teaching online.

When faculty develop a course online, they’re partnered with an Ecampus instructional designer whose expertise in course design and pedagogy can help them enhance everything from learning outcomes to materials and accessibility.

“Online learning can be as rigorous as on-campus learning. It just depends on the developer and the instructor. Take advantage of what we have in Ecampus and set the tone for the field.”

“The main piece of advice I would give to a faculty member who is thinking about teaching online for the first time is to make the most of their collaboration with their instructional designer and be open to new ways of doing things,” says Shannon Riggs, executive director of Ecampus Course Development and Learning Innovation.

“Ecampus offers a lot of support for faculty, including a wide range of multimedia development services such as videography, 3D animations, interactive tutorials, and the creation of virtual and augmented reality learning experiences.”

Marketing instructor Nikki Brown advises testing new teaching tools, methods and technologies incrementally, allowing online classes to grow and develop over time.

“Incremental improvements are the way to go,” says Nikki. “Just get something started. Then you give it to Ecampus and the people who are here to help. They’ll give you feedback and it becomes a back-and-forth collaboration.”

Ecampus’ instructional design team helps instructors not only jump-start their online courses but also refresh them, ensuring that courses offer advanced and effective learning outcomes.

“What are you waiting for?” asks crop and soil science instructor Alyssa DuVal. “This is an amazing opportunity for you and your students, and you are able to use Ecampus and their amazing team to create an extraordinary experience for your students.”

Get started developing your course or program online with Ecampus.

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