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What makes Oregon State online programs stand out?

By Carly Johansen

Can a high-quality degree and rigorous coursework truly be delivered online?

We started asking that question decades ago. We’ve risen to the challenge so that we can answer with a resounding “YES!”

So, how exactly did we do that? With just the right mix of innovation, creativity, world-class faculty and unmatched student support services.

How do I learn science online?

We’ve got you covered. We offer virtual labs, home-delivered lab kits, virtual reality exploration and cutting-edge, custom solutions all created by our in-house team of media experts and instructional designers.

Can I really learn computer science virtually?

You bet you can. Try our leading postbaccalaureate computer science program intended for students who already have an undergraduate degree, the B.S. program if you’re just getting started, or supplement your degree with a certificate in cybersecurity. All of our computer science programs are sure to make you stand out to future employers.

Is it possible to deliver quality courses in the humanities online?

It’s one of our specialties. We’ve got unique degrees online and award-winning instructors ready to contemplate life’s biggest questions with you through writing, video, interactive activities and more. Whether you’re interested in philosophy, languages, history or another subject area, we’ve got the humanities you want.

But how can you support students at a distance?

We’ve asked ourselves this question, too because student success is crucial to us. We take the success of our students personally and provide services that go beyond expectations. We have folks who can help you navigate the application and enrollment processes, provide one-on-one success coaching, deliver proctoring, connect you with on-campus cultural centers, help find the tutors you need and the list goes on.

So, to answer our question, “Is it possible to deliver quality and rigorous classes online?” we confidently answer yes. That’s what makes Ecampus different. Now, you should experience our top-ranked online programs firsthand.

Your future is out there. Count us in.

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