Credits required
52 Oregon State University is on a quarter-term system. There are four quarters each year and classes are 11 weeks long. This program's 52 quarter credits are equal to 34.67 semester credits.*
Cost per credit
$571 Based on current tuition rates. No additional charge for nonresident students. Does not include course materials and associated fees and expenses.
Hybrid You can complete this program in a hybrid format that blends online coursework with in-person classes held periodically throughout Oregon. View the curriculum.
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Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

Hands-on teaching + online learning

Oregon State University’s Clinically Based Elementary Education Master of Arts in Teaching program is a full-time licensure program that will prepare you to become an effective teacher capable of managing a classroom.

This program, delivered in collaboration with OSU-Cascades and the College of Education, is modeled after the Grow Your Own effort to help communities develop impactful teachers who reflect their communities. The program was designed to serve BIPOC and bilingual candidates and those with life, family and professional experiences outside of the classroom. The goal of the program structure is to maximize time in high-quality clinical experiences in ways that prepare teacher candidates to be effective instructors and educational leaders.

In this 52-credit, two-year master’s degree program, you will be immersed in the classroom gaining hands-on experience from day one while actively engaging with a cohort of like-minded peers.

Teachers are in demand

Nationally, there is a strong need for teachers, particularly in key areas, including bilingual teachers. There are dual language placements available in several of our partner districts.

Additionally, there are strong employment prospects for licensed teachers throughout the state, with a need for teachers with master’s degrees across all grade levels and content areas.

Are you a district staff member interested in becoming a certified teacher?

This program provides a unique pathway for district staff to become certified elementary teachers. If you currently work with students in an elementary classroom setting, our program has the potential to enable you to keep your job while earning a Master of Arts in Teaching and licensure.

The power of a strong partnership

The M.A.T. program is a unique partnership between the OSU College of Education and school districts in the Willamette Valley and the Portland metro region. The program provides you the opportunity to learn from renowned OSU faculty online through Oregon State Ecampus while co-teaching with experienced, senior teachers in partner districts throughout Oregon.

In the fully online courses, you will participate in discussion forums that feature enriching conversations with your cohort of peers. During the hybrid (online/in-person) courses, you will benefit from face-to-face instruction with faculty from Oregon State and our partner districts. Please contact the program lead to learn more about partnerships that enable you to enroll in this program and the online and hybrid components of the program. 


Oregon State’s College of Education proudly partners with multiple school districts throughout Oregon to provide a unique pathway for district staff to become certified elementary teachers. Students in the Master of Arts in Teaching program benefit from a unique, real-world teaching experience.

Benefits of learning online with Oregon State

  • All online classes are developed by Oregon State's renowned faculty, who are known for their research, expertise and innovation.
  • OSU is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • The OSU College of Education preparation program recently received the highest accreditation ranking from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).
  • You receive the same Oregon State University diploma and transcript as on-campus students.
  • OSU Ecampus is consistently ranked as a national leader in online education.
  • The program’s rigorous curriculum and flexible delivery blends online and in-person sessions to maximize learning.

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